European Planetary Science Congress 2017
17–22 September 2017
Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija | Riga | Latvia

Poster programme AM1


Amateur collaborations in small bodies, terrestrial, giant and exo planets professional studies
Convener: M. Delcroix  | Co-Conveners: C. Pellier , R. Hueso , A. Christou , P. Yanamandra-Fisher , H. Haukka 
Oral programme
 / Wed, 20 Sep, 14:00–15:30  / Room Mars
Poster programme
 / Attendance Thu, 21 Sep, 17:45–19:15  / Poster area

Attendance Time: Thursday, 21 September 2017, 17:45–19:15
Poster area
PVOL2 (The Planetary Virtual Observatory and Laboratory): An improved database of amateur observations of Solar system planets
R. Hueso, J. Juaristi, J. Legarreta, A. Sánchez-Lavega, S. Erard, B. Cecconi, and P. Le Sidaner

Taurus Hill Observatory Scientific Observations for Pulkova Observatory during the 2016-2017 Season
V.-P. Hentunen, H. Haukka, E. Heikkinen, T. Salmi, and J. Juutilainen

Amateur observations of exoplanets in Finland: History and recent activities
V. Mäkelä, H. Haukka, A. Oksanen, P. Kehusmaa, and V.-P. Hentunen