European Planetary Science Congress 2018
16–21 September 2018
TU Berlin | Berlin | Germany

Poster programme LSE1/TP15


Late Accretion of the Moon, Earth, and other Terrestrial Planets (co-organized)
Convener: Gregory Michael  | Co-conveners: Elena Martellato , Sabrina Schwinger , Emily Worsham 
Oral programme
 / Tue, 18 Sep, 08:30–10:15  / Room Venus
Poster programme
 / Attendance Tue, 18 Sep, 18:15–20:00  / Display Tue, 18 Sep, 08:00–20:00  / Poster area

Display time: Tuesday, 18 September 2018 08:00–20:00
Attendance Time: Tuesday, 18 September 2018, 18:15–20:00
Poster area
Chairperson: G. Michael, E. Martellato, S. Schwinger, E. Worsham
Forming a Lunar Dichotomy by Giant Impact Melting Media interest
Sabrina Schwinger and MengHua Zhu

Poster area
Volatile outgassing and chemical speciation of the C-O-H system in the Earth´s Magma Ocean
Gianluigi Ortenzi, Frank Sohl, and Lena Noack

Poster area
Early evolution of Venus and Earth constrained by the reproduction of measured Ar, Ne isotope and K/U elemental ratios
Helmut Lammer, Martin Leitzinger, Petra Odert, Christoph Burger, Darya Kubyshkina, Manuel Scherf, Thomas Maindl, Colin Johnstone, Nicola Tosi, Athanasia Nikolaou, Emmanuel Marcq, Luca Fossati, Nikolai V. Erkaev, Manuel Güdel, Lena Noak, Kristina G. Kislyakova, Florian Ragossnig, and Elke Pilat-Lohinger

Poster area
Escape and fractionation of elements from planetary embryos
Markus Benedikt, Manuel Scherf, Helmut Lammer, Emmanuel Marcq, Petra Odert, and Martin Leitzinger

Poster area
The Pb-Pb chronology of impact melt rock 14310 and new crater size-frequency distribution measurements of the Apollo 14 landing site
Danil Borisov, Harald Hiesinger, Thomas Haber, Erik Scherer, Wajiha Iqbal, and Carolyn van der Bogert