Methods and data for the study of earthquakes recorded on pre-WWSSN historical seismograms
Conveners: Graziano Ferrari , Josep Batlló 
Oral program
 / Mon, 05 Sep, 11:30–13:00  / Room Saturnia
Poster program
 / Attendance Mon, 05 Sep, 10:30–11:30  / Poster area

The aim of the session is to investigate earthquakes in the Euro-Mediterranean area, using instrumental recordings of the pre-WWSSN era and other instrumental and non-instrumental data. In recent years, European institutions, national and international projects made available a large amount of the pre-WWSSN instrumental data. However, the analysis and processing of such data still presents many problems not present in modern recordings. The session is devoted to the discussion and dissemination of know-how of the different methodologies developed to make usable such recordings. Contributions and initiatives to enhance the seismic heritage of the pre-WWSSN data in the Euro-Mediterranean area, are welcome. The session also aims to improve multidisciplinary approaches to deriving the parameters of the earthquakes of the last century, to better characterizing the seismotectonics of the affected areas and for validating the techniques developed about the processing of the instrumental data. The analysis and the processing of non-instrumental data (macroseismic and geological data, geological-structural and morphotectonic analysis) through original methodologies in order to compare or improve the pre-WWSSN instrumental studies are also welcome.