IAHS Scientific Assembly 2017
10–14 July 2017
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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Poster programme W19


Probabilistic forecasts and land-atmosphere interactions to advance hydrological predictions
Convener: Christopher White  | Co-Conveners: Maria-Helena Ramos , Aaron Boone , Eva Boegh , Harald Kunstmann , Koray Kamil Yilmaz , Richard Petrone , Kaniska Mallick , Frédérique Seyler , Thomas Skaugen , Alberto Viglione 
Oral programme
 / Fri, 14 Jul, 10:40–12:00  / Room B2
Poster programme
 / Attendance Fri, 14 Jul, 12:20–13:40  / Room B2

Attendance Time: Friday, 14 July 2017, 12:20–13:40
Room B2
Chairperson: Alberto Viglione
Modelling the Water-Air Interactions of the Namibian Atmosphere: Meteorological Factors
Sunday Reju, Gabriel Mbokoma, and Nnenesi Kgabi

Multi-Model Grand Ensemble Hydrologic Forecasts in the Yangtze River Basin Using Bayesian Model Averaging
Bo Qu, Xingnan Zhang, and Yuanhao Fang

P3 IAHS2017-370
LST assimilation in a distributed, soil moisture accounting flood forecasting model (withdrawn)
Fabio Castelli and Giulia Ercolani