Tracer methods in catchment and critical zone hydrology
Convener: Christine Stumpp | Co-Conveners: Przemyslaw Wachniew, Maki Tsujimura, Giovanny Mosquera, ZHONGHE PANG, David Hannah

Stable and radioactive isotopes as well as other natural and artificial tracers are useful tools to study water flow, solute transport and transformation processes in hydrology. They are of particular importance for identifying sources of water, contaminants and nutrients, flow paths, transport properties and geochemical processes, and for quantifying important hydrological variables, such as water transit times. We invite contributions that demonstrate the application and recent developments of isotope and other tracer techniques in catchment hydrology and the critical zone. This includes field and modelling studies in the areas of surface-groundwater interactions, unsaturated and saturated zone, rainfall-runoff processes, ecohydrology, nutrient or contaminant export, or other relevant processes in catchments and the critical zone.