Innovation and citizen engagement to sense the Hydrological Cycle
Convener: Flavia Tauro | Co-Conveners: Fernando Nardi, Salvatore Grimaldi, David Hannah, Jérôme Le Coz, Dominique Bérod

Traditional monitoring systems are a significant bottleneck to the comprehension of natural processes due to expensive equipment, limited spatial (and often temporal) coverage, and trained staff involved in measurement acquisition. To mitigate such criticalities, the MOXXI and CANDHY working groups welcome contributions that encompass:
• Innovative/do-it-yourself approaches to observe specific hydrological processes;
• Participatory initiatives aimed at improving our comprehension and management of water resources;
• Unintended instrumentation/methodologies for advanced hydrological measurements;
• Transdisciplinary approaches to observe Earth processes and;
• Success stories of projects involving innovative measurements and citizen science.