Cold region runoff and groundwater change
Convener: Melody Sandells | Co-Conveners: Felipe de Barros, Fuqiang Tian, Gokcen Uysal, María José Polo

Changes in the storage and delivery of water impact society. Cold regions are particularly susceptible to the effects of climate change so it is crucial to understand and plan for likely future hydrological changes in these regions. Changes in the timing and amount of meltwater release from snow and ice have implications for ecosystems and communities that depend on this water supply. Melting of permafrost can further lead to both ecosystem changes and infrastructure instabilities and damage. Due to the importance of this topic, ‘How will cold region runoff and groundwater change in a warmer climate?’ was selected as one of the key 23 unsolved problems in hydrology (UPH). This session will bring together experts in cold regions hydrology, climate change, biogeosciences, remote sensing, and groundwater research to address this UPH. We welcome submission of presentations on all aspects of modelling and long-term monitoring of cold region hydrological components, particularly on:
• projected changes to the hydrological cycle in the cryosphere;
• assessment and monitoring frameworks for permafrost;
• long-term observations of snow and glacier melt;
• factors influencing longer-term water routing mechanisms;
• changing societal water needs in cold regions;
• implications for water systems operation and risk management;
• cold region ecosystem dependencies.