Policies and mechanisms for water quality improvement and maintenance in a changing environment
Convener: Xiaohong Chen | Co-Convener: Elango Lakshmanan

Climate change and human activities are constantly changing the aquatic ecological environment, while human development raises higher requirements for the water environment ecology. Different countries and regions have different aquatic conditions of ecological environment with great diversities of water ecological culture and management system. In the process of water ecological environment control and restoration, how to effectively implement scientific management and decision-making to promote the improvement and maintenance of water environment ecology and to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals require policies and mechanisms that are adapted to regional differences in changing environments. The purpose of this session is to discuss and exchange research achievements in the following topics: (1) regional water ecological environment evolution accompanied by climate change and human activities; (2) methods and approaches of scientific management and decision-making in water ecological environment management and restoration; (3) experience of policies and mechanisms in water ecological environment control in different countries and regions; and (4) adaptive policies and mechanisms for the improvement and maintenance of water environment ecology.