Nature-based Solutions as a global change adaptation strategy
Convener: J P C Eekhout | Co-Conveners: Federico Preti, Graham Jewitt, Jordi Morato

It is projected that hydrology will be strongly affected by global change, including climate change, catchment degradation, land use change, and other impacts. The hydrological impacts include prolonged periods of low flows, changing timing and magnitude of floods, and increasing plant water stress and soil erosion. Nature-based solutions (NBSs) are potentially cost-effective as an adaptation strategy to combat the projected negative impact of global change. NBSs encompass a broad range of actions that protect, restore, or sustainably manage ecosystems to provide benefits to people. They include established approaches such as ecosystem‐based adaptation to disaster risk reduction, Soil and Water Bioengineering works (SWB), such as green and blue infrastructures, forest and landscape restoration, and natural climate solutions. We invite contributions that assess the effectiveness of NBS as a global change adaptation strategy on the water balance, hydrological extremes, soil erosion, hydrogeological risk, water quality, and more. We welcome studies based on modelling, and field and laboratory experiments at a range of spatial and temporal scales. We particularly encourage contributions that use multidisciplinary approaches to reach new conclusions.