10th International Conference on Geomorphology
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Beachrock and wave cut notches formation across the Epirus coast, NW Greece 

Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, Ioannis Koukouvelas, Konstantinos Nikolakopoulos, Dimitrios Papoulis, Paraskevi Lampropoulou, and George D. Bathrellos
Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos et al.
  • University of Patras, Department of Geology, Greece (gbathrellos@upatras.gr)

Beachrocks are generally mapped on the coastline surface up to low depth in thesubtidal zone of sandy costs. These are commonly related with notches in nearby rocky beaches since both beachrocks and notches are correlated with active deformation and sea level fluctuation. As a study area we selected the Epirus coast, in Greece, where beachrocks outcrops and notches have not previously been studied. In this work, we used Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), GNSS, Geographical Information System (GIS) and field work, to map beachrocks and notches in the broader area. All along this area it is observed active deformation and uplift. The uplift is correlated with the northeastern most tip of the Kephalonia Transform Fault and the existence of evaporitic domes along the coast. UAV mapping of these beachrock areas indicated that their width is 60 m to 80 m across the coast while at the same time we mapped many notches in nearby rocky coasts. The current study tries to investigate the correlation between the geotectonic setting of the broader area and the beachrock formations.

How to cite: Panagiotopoulos, D., Koukouvelas, I., Nikolakopoulos, K., Papoulis, D., Lampropoulou, P., and Bathrellos, G. D.: Beachrock and wave cut notches formation across the Epirus coast, NW Greece , 10th International Conference on Geomorphology, Coimbra, Portugal, 12–16 Sep 2022, ICG2022-573, https://doi.org/10.5194/icg2022-573, 2022.