Forms, Processes and Landscape Change
Conveners: Achim A. Beylich, Luca Mao, Osmar Carvalho, Roberto Verdum, Adélia Nunes

The evolution and change of landforms, the mechanisms and quantitative rates of geomorphic processes creating or modifying these landforms, and landscape changes at various temporal and spatial scales are controlled by a range of environmental drivers and anthropogenic activities, exacerbated by the consequences of climate change. This session shall bring together interdisciplinary researchers working across field, experimental, numerical modelling, remote sensing, and dating approaches that are advancing methods and providing new insights into:
i. the analysis of landforms and landform evolution;
ii. geomorphic processes creating or modifying landforms and form-process interactions;
iii. the anthropogenic impacts and societal implications of changing geomorphic processes (including denudational hillslope and fluvial processes) and terrestrial landscape systems, and possible solutions for future sustainable management under ongoing or accelerated global environmental changes.