Climatic Geomorphology
Conveners: Andrea Coronato, Stella Moreiras, Dirce Suertegaray, Aude Nuscia Taïbi, António Rochette

Climatic geomorphology focuses on the relief evolution as a consequence of atmospheric processes that occur at different spatial and time scales. The climate forcing the modelling processes on the Earth surface as well as the recognition of morphoclimatic zones are the main topics to be developed in this thematic session. We will present, promote, and discuss the current original studies and updated research in climatic geomorphology in different landscapes worldwide involving glacial, periglacial, temperate, tropical, and desert environments. Present and past landscape modelling mechanisms promoted by temperature, precipitation, snow, ice, winds, and waves are welcome. Importance will also be given to studies related to the present climatic change, the extreme events, the impacts on present environments, and their consequences in inhabited landscapes.