Volcanic Geomorphology
Conveners: Karoly Nemeth, Ghislain Zangmo Tefogoum, Hugo Corbella, Fernando Costa, Sonia V. Silva

Volcanism generates diverse geoforms that link endogenous and exogenous processes in an obvious scene. Volcano geology experiences new renaissance within geological and geomorphological research. Geomorphology in general experienced an unprecedent advances due to the explosion of accessibility and usage of advanced technologies such as remote sensing, GIS, shallow geophysics techniques, photogrammetry, drone technologies, dating techniques, novel experimental approaches, and sedimentology tools. The spatial modeling of variables associated with volcanoes including geochemical tracers, pyroclast types and deposits became a fundamental way of research in both active and old volcanic terrains experienced advanced landscape modification. Volcanic geomorphology is also a key science to understand the interaction between human society and volcanic eruptions to better determine the role of volcanism in the global and planetary changes on Earth impacting humanity. In this session we invite submissions showing the complexity of volcanic geomorphology and its useful aspects to understand the evolution of volcanism in various geotectonic settings and their influence on society.