Weathering, Soils and Landforms
Conveners: Selma Castro, Sílvio Rodrigues, Chiaki Oguchi

Weathering and soil formation are decisive factors to understand and interpretate the actual landscape physiognomy, constitution, and its evolution. The aim of this thematic section is to contribute to go deeper into the questions that still deserve investigation, as well as to consolidate the relationships between time and space related to weathering, soils, and landforms. These relationships are the main research objective in several disciplines where the geoforms and related regoliths/soils are studied in different temporal and spatial scales. The submitted works can present different focus seeking to illustrate the characteristics of the different approaches, as well as to identify their strengths and limitations, or can be related to the understanding of the indicators of the process concerned, such as: conceptual, methodological, or operational, being to confirm or to create new paradigms and theories in this theme.