Biogeomorphology and Wetlands
Conveners: Heather Viles, Stephen Tooth, Dov Corenblit, Messias Modesto dos Passos

The emergence of life has strongly influenced Earth surface processes and left distinctive markers in the geological record. Vegetation and animals affect many aspects of the Earth’s ‘critical zone’ from the plot to the landscape scale, including weathering, hillslope, fluvial and aeolian dynamics, while geomorphological processes have profound impacts on ecological dynamics. This knowledge is increasingly used in environmental management projects (e.g. wetland restoration) but many gaps remain in understanding and the ability to quantify timescales and rates of change. This session welcomes contributions from researchers using experimental, field, and/or modelling approaches. Topics may include, inter alia:
i. vegetation and animal influences on geomorphic processes;
ii. chronologies of biogeomorphological change;
iii. trajectories of future landscape change in biodiversity ‘hotspots’ (e.g. Ramsar wetlands, tropical rainforests).