Applied Geomorphology
Conveners: Olav Slaymaker, Sumiko Kubo, Antonio Guerra, Virgínia Teles, Anna Roccati

Although there is naturally an overlap between Applied Geomorphology and many of the more specific thematic sessions of the Conference, in this one we intend to discuss general aspects of Applied Geomorphology with particular emphasis on the application of geomorphological techniques and analyses to the solution of planning, territorial and environmental management or engineering problems, what involves tasks of cartography, terrain analysis and monitoring of geomorphological dynamics relevant to decision-making processes. Thus, the presentation and discussion of works on the following topics, among others, is encouraged:
i. Cartography for geomorphological application;
ii. Ecosystem based disaster risk reduction;
iii. River and floodplain restoration;
iv. Seismic geomorphology for hydrocarbon exploration;
v. Morphostructures and environmental sensitivity;
vi. Building mining river diversions;
vii. Flood management and planning.