Conveners: Pierluigi Rosina, Maurizio Zambaldi, Vera Aldeias

The study of human interactions with the environment guided through a geo-archaeological approach is nowadays the backbone of archaeological research, for instance, by studying human adaptations to the surrounding environment and landscape changes throughout the Quaternary. The multidisciplinary dimensions of geoarchaeology have encouraged continuous development of new methods and approaches, progressively extending the possibilities for explorations in geomorphological/geographical sectors even when previously inaccessible (aerial, submarine, and underground), the development of largescale data acquisitions and treatment (through the use of GIS and spatial analysis), and also the development of microscopic analysis (micro fauna or vegetal remains, micromorphology), particularly as it relates to different aspects of geomorphology and global environmental change. This session aims to bring together several branches relating to geomorphology and generally to abiotic aspects of geoarchaeology, such as sedimentological analyses, micromorphology, stratigraphy, spatial analyses, geochronology, etc. The IAG International conference is a great opportunity for presenting and promoting on-going and new research just as much as the state-of-the-art methodologies in geoarchaeology to an international audience. All proposals concerning the geoarchaeological approach will be welcome, without limiting themselves to a specific cultural phase.