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MTSTC2 – ISPRS Mid-Term Symposium Commission II 2014

Topic I

Spatiotemporal data acquisition, analysis and modeling

Topic II

Multi-scale n-dimensional spatial data representations, data structures and algorithms

Topic III

Spatial knowledge discovery and data mining

Topic IV

Data quality, uncertainty and error modeling

Topic V

Big spatial data in geospatial information science

Topic VI

Geodesign, geosimulation and spatial process modeling

Topic VII

Exploratory visualizations and visual analytics

Topic VIII

Geospatial decision support systems and theory

Topic IX

Mobility: tracking, analysis and communication

Topic X

Geospatial analysis of volunteered geographic information (VGI)

Topic XI

Semantic interoperability and ontology for geospatial information

Topic XII

Web-based methods and systems for spatial information dissemination

Topic XIII

GIS systems, analysis, design, implementation and cyber-infrastructure

Topic XIV

Data acquisition for GIS (GNSS, remote sensing, mobile mapping, indoor navigation, geosensors and sensor Web)

Topic XV

GIS and applications (social, physical, environmental and health)

Topic XVI

GIScience and Technology Education and Training