Poster Programme Topic 11

Topic 11

Rainfall-Triggered Landslides and Coastal Landslides/Erosion
Conveners: M. T. Brunetti , M. Rossi 
Oral Programme
 / Wed, 01 Sep, 17:00–17:30  / Room Odysseus
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Wed, 01 Sep, 18:45–19:00  / Poster Area

Attendance Time: Wednesday, 1 September 2010, 18:45–19:00
Poster Area
Chairperson: M.T. Brunetti
Systemic vulnerability model for coastal erosion processes
M. Greco, G. Martino, and A. Guariglia

Poster Area
Monitoring of coastal erosion/progradation phenomena via ground penetrating radar (GPR)
M. Greco, G. Martino, D. Marchese, and D. Romaniello