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Heavy rainfall: dynamical and statistical modelling, climate change impacts
Conveners: Jose L. Palau , Samira Khodayar Pardo , Luc Neppel 
 / Wed, 10 Oct, 09:00–12:30  / Room Rabelais
 / Attendance Wed, 10 Oct, 10:30–11:00  / Display Tue, 09 Oct, 08:30–Thu, 11 Oct, 18:00  / Main hall

Display time: Tuesday, 9 October 2018 08:30–Thursday, 11 October 18:00
Attendance Time: Wednesday, 10 October 2018, 10:30–11:00
Main hall
Chairperson: Luc Neppel
Analysis of instant rainfall in the Bouregreg and Chaouia regions of Morocco
Khalid Barkouki, Ilias Kacimi, Najat Serhir, and Aimane Ezzahoum

Main hall
Precipitations changes in the central and eastern region of Algeria towards the end of 21th century
Nacira Chourghal, Jean-paul Lhomme, and Frederic Huard

Main hall
P3 Plinius16-19
Climate change and new atmospheric circulation causing extreme precipitation and floods in Western Mediterranean: the case of Morocco (withdrawn)
Mohammed-Said Karrouk

Main hall
P4 Plinius16-32
Building a stochastic rainfall generator model with Self-Organizing Maps (withdrawn)
Meynadier Remi, Hugo Rakotoarimanga, and Madeleine-Sophie Deroche