Floods and flash floods modelling and forecasting
Conveners: Isabelle Braud , Marco Borga , Béatrice Vincendon 
 / Tue, 09 Oct, 10:30–16:30  / Room Rabelais
 / Attendance Tue, 09 Oct, 15:30–16:00  / Display Tue, 09 Oct, 08:30–Thu, 11 Oct, 18:00  / Main hall

Flooding and flash flooding is a major natural hazard in the Mediterranean basin. The Mediterranean area is also a hot spot for climate change, with an expected increase of extreme rainfall events in the future. During the last 15 years, there have been several flood policy developments but there remain significant challenges for the development and implementation of approaches that are consistent with aims of long-term adaptation and risk management. Addressing these challenges requires multi-disciplinary approaches to collect the relevant observations, increase our understanding of involved processes, and improve modelling, forecasting and risk management, especially because Mediterranean floods often occur in ungauged basins. This session welcome communications on advances and approaches on the hydrometeorological flood modeling and forecasting chains and on the flood risk management under environmental changes, including:
i) Observing, understanding and predicting the physical processes occurring during floods
ii) Monitoring, modelling, forecasting and warning of floods and flash floods on different scales
iii) Identification, evaluation, management and communication of uncertainties.
This session is co-organized with the MISTRALS/HYMEX ( program.