Oral programme 7.


Water quality and soil cover assessment from remote sensing data
Conveners: María José Polo , Yangbo Chen  | Conveners: Julie C. Zinnert , Rafael Pimentel 
Oral programme
 / Tue, 08 May, 15:00–17:00  / Room 3
Poster programme
 / Attendance Wed, 09 May, 17:15–18:30  / Poster area

Tuesday, 8 May 2018
Room 3
Water quality assessment with Simultaneous satellite imagery in Bin El Ouidane Dam (Morocco)
Ismail Karaoui, Abdelkrim Arioua, Abdelkhalek El Amrani Idrissi, Mohamed Hssaisoune, Elmouatassime Sabri, kamal Ait Ouhamchich, and Driss Elhamdouni
Modelling soil salinity in Oued El Abid watershed, Morocco
El mouatassime sabri, Ahmed Boukdir, Ismail Karaoui, Rachid El maslouhi, Wissal Baite, Abdelhamid Zitouni, and Zhour Echakraoui
RSHS18-13 | PIAHS article
Using optical remote sensing to evaluate changes in greenness and evapotranspiration in riparian vegetation in response to the Minute 319 environmental pulse flow to Mexico
Pamela Nagler, Christopher Jarchow, and Edward Glenn
RSHS18-17 | PIAHS article
Use of Sentinel 2 – MSI for water quality monitoring at Alqueva reservoir, Portugal
Miguel Potes, Gonçalo Rodrigues, M. Alexandra Penha, M. Helena Novais, Maria João Costa, Rui Salgado, and M. Manuela Morais
RSHS18-45 | PIAHS article
Effect of the water stress on gross primary production modeling of a Mediterranean oak savanna ecosystem
Pedro Gómez-Giráldez, Elisabet Carpintero, Mario Ramos, Cristina Aguilar, and María Pat González-Dugo
16:15–16:30 RSHS18-76
Remote estimation of phytoplankton pigments in Manwan and Xiaowan Reservoirs, Upper Mekong (withdrawn)
Hong Yang
16:30–16:45 RSHS18-84
Sharpening the retrieval of stream surface water temperature using Landsat data (withdrawn)
Belen Marti-Cardona, Jordi Prats, and Raquel Niclòs
Linking the hydrological regime and the vegetation cover evolution in a mountainous region in southern Spain from Landsat TM data for long term assessment.
Cristina Aguilar, Rafael Pimentel, Julie C. Zinnert, María José Pérez-Palazón, Laura Wood, and María José Polo