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Current and future missions for water cycle observations
Conveners: Bob Su , Gilles Boulet  | Co-convener: Claudia Notarnicola 
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 / Tue, 08 May, 11:15–13:00  / Hall
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Attendance Time: Wednesday, 9 May 2018, 17:15–18:30
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Application du modèle hydrologique HEC-HMS à la finalisation des débits de crus en milieu semi-aride Cas des bassins versants montagneux du Ghdat (Haut Atlas, Maroc).
Myriam Benkirane, Med Mehdi Saidi, Noureddine Laftouhi, Bouabid El mansouri, and Ismail Salik

Meteorological drought severity explained by climate in Northern Tunisia
Majid Mathlouthi and Fethi Lebdi

Landsat TM versus Sentinel 2 as data sources for snow and vegetation covers in Mediterranean mountain regions: significant scales for hydrology applications in a monitoring site in Sierra Nevada (Spain).
Juan Antonio Muñoz-Navarro, María José Pérez-Palazón, Ana Gilabert, and María José Polo