Poster programme 5.


Crop irrigation management by remote sensing (I)
Conveners: Maria P. González-Dugo , Christopher Neale  | Conveners: Alfonso Calera , Guido D Urso 
Oral programme
 / Wed, 09 May, 09:00–13:15  / Hall
Poster programme
 / Attendance Wed, 09 May, 17:15–18:30  / Poster area

Attendance Time: Wednesday, 9 May 2018, 17:15–18:30
Poster area
The Canal of Aragón and Cataluña experience in remote sensing integration to support water management decisions
Mª Auxiliadora Casterad, María Balcells, Ignacio Clavería, and Roberto Quintilla

Collective management of crops at the service of environmental programs related to the use and quality of water (LIFE AGROGESTOR)
Maria P. González-Dugo, Fernando De la Cruz, Ana P. Armesto, Josefina Sillero, Mario Ramos, Horacio López-Córcoles, Ana Aizpurua, Marc Jabardo, M.Roser Botey, Ignacio Brodin, and Alberto Lafarga