Oral Programme HS7.4


Characterizing subsurface processes and contaminant fate using physical, chemical, microbial and isotopic tools
Convener: Martin Elsner  | Co-Conveners: Esther Bloem , Christine Stumpp 
Oral Programme
 / Tue, 04 May, 15:30–17:15  / Room 38
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Tue, 04 May, 17:30–19:00  / Hall A

Tuesday, 4 May 2010
Room 38
Chairperson: Martin Elsner, Michael Radke
Hot Moments in Cold Spots - Investigating Reactive Transport Patterns at Aquifer-River Interfaces by Heat Tracers and Distributed Sensor Networks
Stefan Krause, Lisa Angermann, Emma Naden, Nigel Cassidy, and Theresa Blume
A Novel Method for Analyzing Chlorine Isotope Fractionation for Source and Fate Assessment of Organochlorine Soil and Groundwater Pollutants
Christoph Aeppli, Charline Wiegert, Henry Holmstrand, Per Andersson, and Örjan Gustafsson
Assessing the fate of biodegradable volatile organic contaminants in unsaturated soil filter systems
Martin Thullner, Cecilia De Biase, Joanna Hanzel, Daniel Reger, Lukas Wick, Sascha Oswald, Manfred van Afferden, Axel Schmidt, Nils Reiche, and Sven Jechalke
Site-specific quantitative 2H NMR: A new tool for the assessment of contaminant fate in the subsurface
Jennifer McKelvie, Martin Elsner, André Simpson, Barbara Sherwood Lollar, and Myrna Simpson
16:30–16:45 EGU2010-7436
Reactions of 1,2-dibromoethane with FeS and hydrogen sulfide: kinetics, products and isotope fractionation (withdrawn)
Tomasz Kuder, John T. Wilson, Paul Philp, and Y. Thomas He
Using organic biomarkers to trace the transport pathways of livestock-derived organic matter in the soil subsurface.
Charlotte Lloyd, Katerina Michaelides, Richard Evershed, David Chadwick, and Jennifer Dungait
Selected Poster Presentations

Multi-Isotopic Analysis to Assess Induced Denitrification - Georgina Vidal, Neus Otero, Clara Torrentó, Albert Folch, Ana Mª Solanas, Jordi Cama, and Albert Soler (ID 9860)

Isotope fractionation of volatile organics in the unsaturated zone - Simon Jeannottat, Daniel Hunkeler, and Florian Breider (ID 11485)

Pharmaceutical transport in saturated aquifer columns: effect of pH - Hilmar Börnick, Norman Boxberger, Tobias Licha, and Eckhard Worch (ID 12127)

Targeting Safer Aquifer At Highly As Contaminations in South-Western Bangladesh - Md. Tauhid-Ur- Rahman (ID 349)

A numerical modeling approach to assess the impact of heterogeneity on bioavailability and total biodegradation - Mehdi G. Gharasoo, Florian Centler, and Martin Thullner (ID 10066)