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Atmospheric composition: variability and trends
Convener: Oksana Tarasova  | Co-Conveners: Geir O. Braathen , Sophie Szopa , Euan Nisbet , Justus Notholt , Martine de Maziere , Ralf Sussmann 
Oral Programme
 / Thu, 07 Apr, 08:30–12:00  / 13:30–17:00  / Room 14
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Thu, 07 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Display Thu, 07 Apr, 08:00–19:30  / Halls X/Y

Display time: Thursday, 7 April 2011 08:00–19:30
Attendance Time: Thursday, 7 April 2011, 17:30–19:00
Halls X/Y
Chairperson: J. Notholt and O. Tarasova
Top-down estimates of European CH4 and N2O emissions based on 5 different inverse models
Peter Bergamaschi, Matteo Corazza, Arjo Segers, Alex Vermeulen, Alistair Manning, Maria Athanassiadou, Rona Thompson, Isabelle Pison, Philippe Bousquet, and Ute Karstens and the Atmospheric Measurements Team

Halls X/Y
Emission estimates of several long lived ozone depleting substances and greenhouse gases from top-down modeling
Mike Newland, David Oram, Johannes Laube, Chris Hogan, Bill Sturges, Claire Reeves, Patricia Martinerie, Paul Fraser, Emmanuel Witrant, Thomas Blunier, Jakob Schwander, Carl Brenninkmeijer, Tanja Schuck, Michel Bolder, Thomas Röckmann, Carina van der Veen, Harald Bönisch, Andreas Engel, and Graham Mills

Halls X/Y
XY99 EGU2011-7837
Recent developments in the Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON) (withdrawn)
Vanessa Sherlock, Debra Wunch, Gretchen Keppel-Aleks, Paul Wennberg, Geoffrey C. Toon, Janina Messerschmidt, Marc C. Geibel, Dietrich G. Feist, Nicholas Deutscher, and Sara Mikaloff Fletcher and the TCCON and GOSAT

Halls X/Y
The state of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere using global observations through 2009
Oksana A. Tarasova, Kazuto Suda, Ed Dlugokencky, Doug Worthy, Tuomas Laurila, Sander Houweling, and Jim Butler

Halls X/Y
Global and regional emissions of HFC-143a (CH3CF3) and HFC-32 (CH2F2) from in situ and air archive atmospheric observations
Simon O'Doherty, Matt Rigby, Alistair Manning, Jens Mühle, Ben Miller, Ray Wang, Peter Simmonds, Dickon Young, Brian Greally, and Stefan Reimann and the S. O'Doherty

Halls X/Y
Bromoform and Dibromomethane from AGAGE stations
Ping Xiao, Simon O’Doherty, and Dudley E Shallcross

Halls X/Y
EGU2011-3536 | presentation
Trend evolution and seasonal variation of tropospheric and stratospheric carbonyl sulfide (OCS) above Jungfraujoch.
Bernard Lejeune, Emmanuel Mahieu, Parvadha Suntharalingam, Pierre Duchatelet, Christian Servais, and Philippe Demoulin

Halls X/Y
Long term measurements and modelling of OH and HO2 radicals at a tropical marine location
Daniel Stone, Stewart Vaughan, Trevor Ingham, Lisa Whalley, Mathew Evans, and Dwayne Heard

Halls X/Y
The long-term (1996-2010) London record of carbon monoxide and molecular hydrogen: evidence for improved air quality
Mary Fowler, David Lowry, Rebecca Fisher, Mathais Lanoisellé, and Euan Nisbet

Halls X/Y
NMHC Climatology from Central European Mountain Observatories
Christian Plass-Dülmer, Stefan Reimann, Markus Wallasch, Sverre Solberg, Dieter Klemp, Patrice Coddeville, and Emmanuel Mahieu

Halls X/Y
EGU2011-6598 | presentation
Emission of trace gases and their atmospheric transport above Southern and Eastern Asia
Sebastian Traud

Halls X/Y
XY108 EGU2011-14025
The Zugspitze High-Power Raman Lidar System: Highlights from 2010 (withdrawn)
Lisa Klanner, Thomas Trickl, and Hannes Vogelmann

Halls X/Y
Ozone concentration in the lower troposphere in Europe and in the east Asia
Peter Krizan and Wang Gengchen

Halls X/Y
Impact of the extreme meteorological conditions during the summer 2003 in Europe on air quality - an observation and model study
Andrea Mues, Astrid Manders, Martijn Schaap, Peter Builtjes, and Rainer Stern

Halls X/Y
A Megacity's Oxidizing Footprint and Urban and Rural European Ozone Trends
Erika von Schneidemesser, Rebecca Wilson, Zoe Fleming, Nicola Carslaw, Paul Monks, Gaelle Clain, Stephan Henne, Oivind Hodenbrog, and Igor Konovalov

Halls X/Y
A decadal simulation of the tropospheric composition with TM5 using the IPCC AR5 emissions
Achim Strunk, Twan van Noije, and Jason Williams

Halls X/Y
EGU2011-7002 | presentation
The evolution of the inorganic fluorine budget since the mid-1980s based on FTIR measurements at northern mid-latitudes
Pierre Duchatelet, Wuhu Feng, Martyn Chipperfield, Roland Ruhnke, Peter Bernath, Chris Boone, Kaley Walker, Philippe Demoulin, and Emmanuel Mahieu

Halls X/Y
EGU2011-6413 | presentation
First retrievals of carbon tetrafluoride (CF4) from ground-based FTIR measurements: production and analysis of the two-decadal time series above the Jungfraujoch
Pierre Duchatelet, Rodolphe Zander, Emmanuel Mahieu, Jens Mühle, Philippe Demoulin, Bernard Lejeune, Ginette Roland, Christian Servais, and Olivier Flock

Halls X/Y
EGU2011-1297 | presentation
First retrievals of methyl chloride from ground-based high-resolution FTIR solar observations
Emmanuel Mahieu, Jeremy Harrison, Peter Bernath, Geoffrey Toon, Curtis Rinsland, Philippe Demoulin, Pierre Duchatelet, Bernard Lejeune, Christian Servais, and Martine De Mazière

Halls X/Y
Impact on Estimated Ozone Trends Utilizing Measurements from Ground-, Balloon-, and Satellite-Instruments
Francis J. Schmidlin, Christopher E. Ashburn, E. Thomas Northam, and George B. Brothers

Halls X/Y
EGU2011-6117 | presentation
Spatial patterns of observed and modelled total ozone trends 1995-2009
Melanie Coldewey-Egbers, Diego Loyola, Walter Zimmer, Michel van Roozendael, Christophe Lerot, Martin Dameris, Hella Garny, Peter Braesicke, MariLiza Koukouli, and Dimitris Balis

Halls X/Y
Relative trends of stratospheric ozone in the mid-latitudes
Prijitha J. Nair and Sophie Godin-Beekmann and the ozone trends

Halls X/Y
EGU2011-4994 | presentation
Ozone layer study over Kyiv by Dobson spectrophotometer
Gennadi Milinevsky and the Dobson Team

Halls X/Y
The new linear scheme for stratospheric ozone COPCAT: A good alternative for long-term simulations with global models
Beatriz Monge-Sanz, Martyn Chipperfield, Daniel Cariolle, Wuhu Feng, and Johannes Flemming

Halls X/Y
The potential of stratospheric ozone changes to influence the abundance of sulfate aerosols in the troposphere
Apostolos Voulgarakis and Drew Shindell

Halls X/Y
Temporal trend of particulate PAHs at Seoul, Korea
Hyun Hee Lee, Ji Yi Lee, Seung Muk Yi, Yong Pyo Kim, and Chang Hee Kang

Halls X/Y
Temporal Variation of Total Carbon Content and Magnetic Susceptibility of PM10 Samples Collected in Bucharest Region of Romania
Robert Stepa, Elena Alina Olaru, Sabina Stefan, and Ion Udrea

Halls X/Y
EGU2011-4760 | presentation
Chemical composition of fog and cloud water at the Erzgebirge summit, Germany
Stephanie Schüttauf, Frank Zimmermann, and Jörg Matschullat

Halls X/Y
Global and regional trends in aerosol optical depth based on remote sensing products and pollutant emission estimates between 2000 and 2009.
Alexander de Meij and Jos Lelieveld

Halls X/Y
Global scale UV trends derived from satellite UV erythemal products
Iolanda Ialongo, Antti Arola, Jukka Kujanpää, Niilo Kalakoski, and Johanna Tamminen

Halls X/Y
EGU2011-8150 | presentation
The extension of the ENVISAT Atmospheric-Chemistry missions beyond 2010: status and perspectives
Fabrizio Niro and the ENVISAT Atmospheric-Chemistry Team

Halls X/Y
Temperature dependent O3 absorption cross sections for GOME, SCIAMACHY and GOME-2: Re-analysis of Flight Model Data and Retrieval Tests.
Wissam Chehade, Mark Weber, and John P. Burrows

Halls X/Y
GOME, SCIAMACHY, and GOME-2 total column WFDOAS ozone data (1995-2010): validation with satellite and ground-based observations
Sebastian Dikty, Mark Weber, Folkard Wittrock, Wissam Chehade, and John P. Burrows

Halls X/Y
SCIAMACHY Lunar Occultation Water Vapor Retrieval and Inter-comparisons
Faiza Azam, Klaus Bramstedt, Alexei Rozanov, Heinrich Bovensmann, and John Burrows

Halls X/Y
XY131 EGU2011-12769
Decadal trends of column-integrated water vapor from the NDACC-FTIR network (withdrawn)
Ralf Sussmann, Tobias Borsdorff, and Markus Rettinger and the NDACC water vapor team

Halls X/Y
XY132 EGU2011-12790
Set up of a long-term, near-infrared to far-infrared radiative closure experiment at Mt. Zugspitze. Quantifying the greenhouse effect of water vapor and ice clouds (withdrawn)
Ralf Sussmann, Markus Rettinger, Lisa Klanner, Thomas Trickl, and Hannes Vogelmann

Halls X/Y
The ENVISAT-ESA Atmospheric-Chemistry dataset: operational data availability and re-processing status
Fabrizio Niro and the ENVISAT Atmospheric-Chemistry Team

Halls X/Y
EGU2011-3688 | presentation
Trend and lifetime of sulfur hexafluoride at mid-latitudes deduced from ACE-FTS occultation measurements
Emmanuel Mahieu, Pierre Duchatelet, Rodolphe Zander, Peter F. Bernath, Alex Brown, Chris D. Boone, and Kaley A. Walker