Poster Programme GD3.3/TS10.3


Neoproterozoic basins and orogenesis in the circum-North Atlantic region (co-organized)
Convener: Peter Cawood  | Co-Convener: Rob Strachan 
Oral Programme
 / Tue, 05 Apr, 15:30–17:00  / Room 30
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Mon, 04 Apr, 15:30–17:00  / Display Mon, 04 Apr, 08:00–19:30  / Hall A

Display time: Monday, 4 April 2011 08:00–19:30
Attendance Time: Monday, 4 April 2011, 15:30–17:00
Hall A
Chairperson: Rob Strachan
Valhalla orogenesis in the North Atlantic region: characterisation of the Knoydartian and Renland events using integrated phase modelling and in situ LA-ICPMS geochronology
Kathryn Cutts, Martin Hand, Rob Strachan, David Kelsey, and Peter Cawood

Hall A
Grenville Foreland basin sedimentation in Scotland: structure, stratigraphy and sedimentology of the early Neoproterozoic Torridon and Morar group sequences
Maarten Krabbendam, Helen Bonsor, Tony Prave, and Rob Strachan

Hall A
A complete sedimentological transect of the early Neoproterozoic Morar Group in northern Scotland: reappraisal of the basin and tectonic setting
Helen Bonsor, Rob Strachan, Tony Prave, and Maarten Krabbendam

Hall A
A12 EGU2011-7419
Early Neoproterozoic (c. 1000-960 Ma) sedimentation and magmatism in northern Scotland: constraints on tectonothermal events within the peri-Rodinian Valhalla Orogen (withdrawn)
Rob Strachan, Peter Kinny, Mike Fowler, and Ian Millar

Hall A
Extension preceding continental rupture and generation of the Laurentian ocean-continent transition zone - Neoproterozoic basement-cover relationships in the Grampian Caledonides of Scotland.
Graham Leslie, Martin Smith, Martin R. Gillespie, and Maarten Krabbendam

Hall A
New evidence for the timing of Neoproterozoic metamorphic events in the northwest Highlands - insights from Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd dating
Anna Bird, Matthew Thirlwall, and Rob Strachan

Hall A
Constraints on the origin of the Seve and Kalak Nappe Complexes, Scandinavian Caledonides
Fernando Corfu

Hall A
Sediment provenance signatures in the Middle Allochthon of the Scandinavian Caledonides - evidence of Sveconorwegian source terrains
David G. Gee, Anna Ladenberger, Stefan Claesson, Jaroslaw Majka, Peter Robinson, Per-Gunnar Andréasson, and Yaron Be'eri-Shlevin

Hall A
A17 EGU2011-1663
Lu-Hf evolution patterns and implications for palaeotectonic settings (withdrawn)
Chris Kirkland, Stephen Daly, Simon Johnson, and Elena Belsousova