Programme Groups

BG3 –  Marine Biogeosciences
Ocean acidification and its impact on marine ecosystems in the context of climate change (including Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky Medal Lecture)
Convener: Jean-Pierre Gattuso  | Co-Conveners: Patrizia Ziveri , Markus Weinbauer 
Oral Programme
Poster Programme
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD136 
Oxygen depletion in land-locked, coastal and open ocean systems of the present and past – driving mechanisms, impacts and recovery
Convener: Caroline P. Slomp  | Co-Conveners: Antje Boetius , Daniel Conley , Hiroshi Kitazato , Greg Cowie , Clare Woulds 
Oral Programme
Poster Programme
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD66 
The role of extreme events in organic matter cycling
Convener: Tommaso Tesi  | Co-Conveners: Jung-Hyun Kim , Anna Sanchez-Vidal 
Biogeochemistry of coastal seas and continental shelves - including Biogeochemistry during the International Polar Year 2007-2008
Convener: Helmuth Thomas  | Co-Convener: Alberto V. Borges 
Oral Programme
Poster Programme
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD67 
Natural gas seepage and focused fluid flow on continental margins (co-organized)
Co-Conveners: Aurelien Gay , Christian Berndt