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Oral Programme GI2.1/AS4.6


Atmospheric and Meteorological Instrumentation (co-organized)
Convener: J. Vivekanandan  | Co-Conveners: M. Rose , C. Waldmann , M. Lange , J. Reuder 
Oral Programme
 / Tue, 24 Apr, 08:30–12:30  / Room 41
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Tue, 24 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Hall A
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Tuesday, 24 April 2012
Room 41
Chairperson: Manfred Lange and Joachim Reuder
Meteorological and Aerosol Sensing with small Unmanned Aerial Systems
J. Born, O. Möhler, W. Haunold, J. Schrod, I. Brooks, S. Norris, B. Brooks, M. Hill, and T. Leisner
EGU2012-3471 | presentation
Turbulence measurements in a wind park with the Micro-UAS SUMO
J. Reuder and M. Jonassen
Cloud detection using disposable airborne sensors
K. Nicoll and R.G. Harrison
EGU2012-11103 | presentation
Rapid Development of Bespoke Unmanned Platforms for Atmospheric Science
A. Sobester, S. J. Johnston, J. P. Scanlan, E. E. Hart, and N. S. O'Brien
09:30–09:45 EGU2012-11404
UAS Measurements of the Boundary Layer Late Afternoon Transition (withdrawn)
G. Lohmann, S. Martin, A. Lampert, and P. Vörsmann
Small unmanned airplanes and their use to improve on-demand local forecasts
Ó. Rögnvaldsson, H. Ágústsson, M.O. Jonassen, and H. Ólafsson
EGU2012-11478 | presentation
Ambient VOC-Measurements by GC-PTR-TOF
S. Langebner, C. Hasler, R. Schnitzhofer, F. Brilli, M. Jocher, and A. Hansel
Cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) system for measuring atmospheric mercury using differential absorption
A. Pierce, D. Obrist, H. Moosmuller, and C. Moore
Comparison of Temperature Measurements in the Middle Atmosphere by Satellite with Profiles Obtained by Meteorological Rockets
R. A. Goldberg, F. J. Schmidlin, A. G. Feofilov, M. Bedrick, and R. L. Rose
EGU2012-2902 | presentation
Development of PicoSDLA laser sensors for in-situ measurements of CH4, CO2 and H2O in the UTLS in the frame of the TRO-pico project.
M. Ghysels, J. Cousin, N. Amarouche, L. Gomez-Martin, E. D. Riviere, and G. Durry
Quantum Cascade Laser Heterodyne Radiometry for Atmospheric Observation
R.A. Rose, T.R. Tsai, N.A. Macleod, G. Wysocki, and D. Weidmann
Calibration of High Spectral Resolution Lidar
J. Vivekanandan, E. Eloranta, S. Spuler, and B. Morley
12:00–12:15 EGU2012-13415
New approaches in assessment of solar UV exposure ageing materials (withdrawn)
A. Heikkilä, T. Koskela, K. Lakkala, P. Kärhä, S. Syrjälä, H. Lemmetyinen, U. Feister, N. Kouremeti, A. Bais, S. Kazadzis, J.M. Vilaplana, J.J. Rodriguez, C. Guirado, and E. Cuevas
12:15–12:30 EGU2012-10698
Airborne Hyperspectral Skydome: A New Dimension for Hyperspectral Sensing (withdrawn)
K. Y. Choi and E. J. Milton