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Poster Programme BG2.11


Enhanced Carbon Sequestration in the Terrestrial Biosphere
Convener: N. Zeng  | Co-Conveners: Janssens , R. Valentini , A. Lindroth 
Oral Programme
 / Fri, 27 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / Room 23
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Fri, 27 Apr, 13:30–15:00  / Poster Area BG

Attendance Time: Friday, 27 April 2012, 13:30–15:00
Poster Area BG
Chairperson: Riccardo Valentini, Ivan Janssens, Dennis Loustau
Effect of O horizon and Forest Harvest Residue Manipulations on Soil Organic Matter Content and Composition of a Loblolly Pine Plantation in the Southeastern United States
J. Hatten, J. Mack, J. Dewey, E. Sucre, and Z. Leggett

Poster Area BG
Assessment of UKs Terrestrial Carbon sequestration potentials: Where do the opportunities lie?
D. Konadu, A. Jarvis, and J. Quinton

Poster Area BG
Greenhouse gas emissions from an abandoned peatland in central Belarus during the first year of rewetting
H. Chuvashova, M. Minke, A. Burlo, A. Thiele, J. Augustin, T. Yarmashuk, V. Tichonov, N. Liashchynskaya, and Vl. Kuzmin

Poster Area BG
Can carbon offsetting pay for upland ecological restoration?
F Worrall

Poster Area BG
A dynamic ecosystem growth model for forests at high complexity structure
A. Collalti, L. Perugini, T. Chiti, G. Matteucci, A. Oriani, M. Santini, D. Papale, and R. Valentini

Poster Area BG
The effect of wind turbine-induced microclimates and plant functional types on peatland greenhouse gas emissions and pore water dissolved organic carbon concentrations
A. Armstrong, S. Waldron, N. Ostle, and J. Whitaker

Poster Area BG
Carbon sequestration by young Norway spruce monoculture
R. Pokorny, P. Rajsnerova, and J. Kubásek

Poster Area BG
Farm-gate budget of energy crops: an experiment to assess changes in GHGs balance due to a land use change from grassland to short rotation coppice of poplar
S. Sabbatini, N. Arriga, A. Baiocco, A. Boschi, S. Castaldi, C. Consalvo, B. Gioli, G. Matteucci, M. Tomassucci, A. Zaldei, and D. Papale

Poster Area BG
CO2 fluxes in wetlands of European Russia
J. Kurbatova, F. Tatarinov, V. Avilov, A. Varlagin, and A. Olchev

Poster Area BG
Analyzing the management and disturbance in European forest based on self-thinning theory
Y. Yan, B. Gielen, M. Schelhaas, F. Mohren, S. Luyssaert, and IA. Janssens

Poster Area BG
BG64 EGU2012-10517
Carbon and Nitrogen dynamics in forest soils depending on light conditions and tree species (withdrawn)
B. Veselinovic and H. Hager

Poster Area BG
Carbon storage potential of a managed mountain grassland - Inverse modelling and uncertainty analysis
T. Liener, A. Hammerle, M. Williams, B. Scharnagl, M. Themeßl, A. Gobiet, and G. Wohlfahrt

Poster Area BG
Land use change and carbon stock dynamics in Sub-Saharan Africa - Case study of Western Africa - Ghana
E. Grieco, T. Chiti, and R. Valentini

Poster Area BG
BG67 EGU2012-12412
Multipurpose management of forests: carbon, biodiversity and socio-economic well-being: Objectives, Actions and Expected results of LIFE+ project "ManFor C.BD" (withdrawn)
G. Matteucci, G. Fabbio, P. Cantiani, M. Marchetti, G. Carraro, N. Pavone, M. Kovac, P. Simoncic, M. Panella, and B. De Cinti