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Poster Programme PS2.3


Lunar Science and Exploration
Convener: B. Foing  | Co-Convener: H. Hiesinger 
Oral Programme
 / Wed, 25 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / 13:30–15:15  / Room 32
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Wed, 25 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Hall X/Y

Attendance Time: Wednesday, 25 April 2012, 17:30–19:00
Hall X/Y
Chairperson: H. Hiesinger
Modelling of the solar wind interaction with the Moon at macro and micro scales
E. Kallio, R. Jarvinen, S. Dyadechkin, P. Wurz, and S. Barabash

Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment for Japanese SELENE-2 landing mission
H. Noda, H. Kunimori, H. Araki, T. Fuse, H. Hanada, M. Katayama, T. Otsubo, S. Sasaki, S. Tazawa, S. Tsuruta, K. Funazaki, H. Taniguchi, and K. Murata

EGU2012-12198 | presentation
Lunar gravity field recovery: sensitivity studies from simulated tracking data
A. Maier and O. Baur

XY486 EGU2012-7218
The CE-3 lunar ground-penetrating radar experiment (withdrawn)
Y. Su, B. Zhou, L. Zheng, J.Q. Feng, S. Dai, G.H. Zhang, H. Li, L. Geng, C.L. Li, and G.Y. Fang

XY487 EGU2012-11258
A method of regolith dielectric constant inversion with Lunar Penetrating Radar onboard the Lunar Rover of Chang'e-3 (withdrawn)
L. Zheng, Y. Su, J.Q. Feng, Y.Z. Gao, S. Dai, Z.B. Zhang, and C.L. Li

XY488 EGU2012-13547
Progress in Radargrammetric Analysis of Mini-RF Lunar Images (withdrawn)
R.L. Kirk, E. Howington-Kraus, T.L. Becker, D. Cook, J.M. Barrett, C.D. Neish, B.J. Thomson, and D.B.J. Bussey

XY489 EGU2012-12529
Using 3D Axisymmetric model to analyze topography effects on Lunar surface heat flow and subsurface temperature (withdrawn)
H. Li, W. Zuo, G.-L. Zhang, and Y. Su

XY490 EGU2012-12082
A normalization model of Lunar surface brightness temperature:based on data obtained by CE-1 MRM and CE-2 MRM (withdrawn)
J.-Q Feng, Y. Su, X.-Z Zhang, J.-J Liu, L. Zheng, and Q. Fu

Normalisation of hyperspectral data with respect to illumination and local topography
A. Grumpe, F. Belkhir, V. Zirin, and C. Wöhler

The importance of plagioclase in the reflectance spectra of Fe, Mg mixtures: a better understanding of spectra from Lunar and Hermean terrains.
G. Serventi, M. Sgavetti, C. Carli, and L. Pompilio

Light Plains in the South-Pole Aitken Basin: Surface Ages and Mineralogical Composition
F. Thiessen, H. Hiesinger, C. H. van der Bogert, J. H. Pasckert, and M. S. Robinson

Geologic mapping and stratigraphic investigations of the lunar crater Tycho
T. Krüger, H. Hiesinger, and C.H. van der Bogert

XY495 EGU2012-11327
Global Crater Detection Using Chang-E2 DEM and Optical Image Data and Extension of Lunar Crater Catalogues (withdrawn)
Z. B. Zhang, W. Zuo, X. Q. Wang, L. Geng, and C. L. Li

XY496 EGU2012-11952
The Survey of Impact Crater Detection Algorithm (withdrawn)
Y. Liu, J. Liu, L. Mu, and C. Li

Energetic Neutral Atom Imaging of the Lunar Surface
A. Vorburger, P. Wurz, S. Barabash, M. Wieser, Y. Futaana, M. Holmström, A. Bhardwaj, M.B. Dhanya, R. Sridharan, and K. Asamura

Angular Scattering of Energetic Neutral Hydrogen Atoms off the Lunar Surface
A. Vorburger, P. Wurz, S. Barabash, M. Wieser, Y. Futaana, M. Holmström, A. Bhardwaj, M.B. Dhanya, R. Sridharan, and K. Asamura

Observations of Ion Cyclotron Waves at and near the Moon in the Magnetotail
P. J. Chi, C. T. Russell, H. Y. Wei, V. Angelopoulos, and W. M. Farrell

Landing on the Moon's farside: What are the geochemistry, astrobiology and instrumental issues?
J. Chela-Flores