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Poster Programme SSS5.10


Dynamics of soil surface characteristics (including physical and biological soil crusts): consequences on soil functioning and role of climate and land use change
Convener: O. Cerdan 
Oral Programme
 / Tue, 24 Apr, 08:30–10:00  / Room 22
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Tue, 24 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Hall X/Y
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD4.8 

Attendance Time: Tuesday, 24 April 2012, 17:30–19:00
Hall X/Y
Chairperson: O. Malam Issa
Influence of SWR on the hydrological response on two contrasting Mediterranean hillslopes at plot scale using rainfall simulations.
MA Gabarron Galeote, JF Martinez Murillo, and JD Ruiz Sinoga

Hall X/Y
Hydrodynamic behaviour of crusted soils in the Sahel: a possible cause for runoff increase?
m. malam abdou, j.-p. vandervaere, i. bouzou moussa, and l. descroix

Hall X/Y
Interactions between soil structure and excess water formation on chernozem soils
N. Gál and A. Farsang

Hall X/Y
Surface soil crust types, properties and their response to ameliorants in the irrigated field of Eastern Ethiopia
F. Kebede, E. Mekonnen, N. Taha, A. Verdoodt, and E. Van Ranst

Hall X/Y
Wind erosion flux measurements and variability on traditionally cultivated fields in South West Niger: crop residues and soils crust impacts.
A. Abdourhamane Touré, J.L. Rajot, Z. Garba, B. Marticorena, C. Petit, D. Sebag, and O. Malam Issa

Hall X/Y
Effect of biological soil crusts of the Sahel (Niger) on wind erosion
J. L. Rajot, R. Paris, O. Malam Issa, A. Maman, A. Abdourhamane Touré, C. Valentin, and B. Marticorena

Hall X/Y
XY603 EGU2012-3341
Effects of biological soil crusts on soil fertility restoration in the hilly Loess Plateau region, China (withdrawn)
Y. Zhao and M. Xu

Hall X/Y
Including physical and biological soil crusts properties in gully prediction
A. Gay, O. Cerdan, J.F. Desprats, O. Malam Issa, C. Valentin, J.L. Rajot, and L. Descroix

Hall X/Y
Calibration of a physically based soil erosion model for different kind of biological soil crust
O. Cerdan, M. Le, O. Malam Issa, C. Valentin, JL. Rajot, and JF. Desprats

Hall X/Y
Estimating the loss of C, N and microbial biomass from Biological Soil Crusts under simulated rainfall
M. Gommeaux, O. Malam Issa, T. Bouchet, C. Valentin, J.-L. Rajot, I. Bertrand, G. Alavoine, J.-F. Desprats, O. Cerdan, and D. Fatondji

Hall X/Y
XY607 EGU2012-13569
Diminution of soil carbon sequestration following 72 years grazing disturbance; a study of cyanobacterial soil crusts from the Australian Mulga Lands (withdrawn)
W. Williams, D. Eldridge, B. Budel, and H. Reichenberger

Hall X/Y
Measurement of dinitrogen fixation by Biological soil crust (BSC) from the Sahelian zone: an isotopic method.
F. Ehrhardt, G. Alavoine, and I. Bertrand

Hall X/Y
Effect of mineralogical, geochemical and biological properties on soils reflectance to assess temporal and spatial dynamics of BSCs in Sahelian ecosystems
A. Bourguignon, O. Cerdan, J.F. Desprats, B. Marin, O. Malam Issa, C. Valentin, and J.L. Rajot

Hall X/Y
Variability of physicochemical and mineralogical characteristics of biological soil crusts at local scale in the Sahelian zone of western Niger
B. Cancès, G. Gommeaux, B. Marin, M. Ponthieu, C. Ralahimanana, S. Ayachi, and O. Malam Issa

Hall X/Y
Relationship between the herbaceous and woody vegetation caracteristics and biological soil crusts distribution in fallow and rangeland across a latitudinal gradient in Sahelian Western Niger
O. Malam Issa, P. Hiernaux, A. Kalilou, J.L. Rajot, and J. Languille

Hall X/Y
Local knowledge and perception of biological soil crusts by land users in the Sahel (Niger)
K. J-M Ambouta, B. Hassan Souley, O. Malam Issa, J. L. Rajot, and A Mohamadou