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Impact of boreal wildfires on tropospheric chemistry (co-organized)
Convener: Stephan Matthiesen  | Co-Conveners: Detlev Helmig , Piero Di Carlo , Maria Val Martin , Debora Griffin 
 / Wed, 10 Apr, 15:30–17:00  / Room B11
 / Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Yellow Posters
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD13.1 

Attendance Time: Wednesday, 10 April 2013, 17:30–19:00
Yellow Posters
Chairperson: Stephan Matthiesen
Airborne observations of total alkyl nitrates during BORTAS campaign: analysis of the impact of forest fire emission on the Ox budget
Eleonora Aruffo, Piero Di Carlo, Marcella Busilacchio, Fabio Biancofiore, Cesare Dari Salisburgo, Franco Giammaria, Stephane Bauguitte, James Lee, Sarah Moller, Ally Lewis, Mark Parrington, and Paul Palmer

Biogenic VOCs including monoterpenes and functionalized aromatic compounds within mid-troposphere boreal biomass burning plumes
Ruth Purvis, James Hopkins, Ally Lewis, Stephen Andrews, Shalini Punjabi, Stephan Bauguitte, James Lee, Paul Palmer, and Mark Parrington

Airborne measurements of CO2, CH4 and HCN in boreal biomass burning plumes
Sebastian J. O’Shea, Stephane Bauguitte, Jennifer B.A. Muller, Michael Le Breton, Alex Archibald, Martin W. Gallagher, Grant Allen, and Carl J. Percival

A case study of aerosol depletion in a biomass burning plume over Eastern Canada during the BORTAS field experiment
Jonathan E. Franklin, Debora Griffin, Jeffrey R. Pierce, James R. Drummond, David Waugh, Paul Palmer, Lucy Chisholm, Thomas J. Duck, Glen Lesins, Kaley A. Walker, Jason T. Hopper, Kevin R. Curry, Kimiko M. Sakamoto, Lin Dan, Jenny Kliever, and Norm O'Neill

Airborne profiles of NO2, total peroxy nitrates and total alkyl nitrates: analysis of forest fire plumes during BORTAS campaign.
Marcella Busilacchio, Piero Di Carlo, Eleonora Aruffo, Fabio Biancofiore, Cesare Dari Salisburgo, Franco Giammaria, Stephane Bauguitte, James Lee, Sarah Moller, Ally Lewis, Mark Parrington, and Paul Palmer

EGU2013-1604 | presentation
Receptor modelling of boreal wildfire associated PM2.5 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Mark D. Gibson, James Kuchta, Lucy Chisholm, Tom Duck, Jason Hopper, Stephen Beauchamp, David Waugh, Gavin King, Jeffrey Pierce, Zhengyan Li, Richard Leaitch, Tony J. Ward, and Paul I. Palmer

EGU2013-1935 | presentation
Boreal fire emissions in transported pollution plumes measured at the GEOSummit Station, Greenland
Louisa Kramer, Detlev Helmig, John Burkhart, and Andreas Stohl

A Lagrangian view of ozone production tendency in North American outflow in summers 2009 and 2010
Bo Zhang, R. Chris Owen, Judith Perlinger, Aditya Kumar, Shiliang Wu, Maria Val Martin, Louisa Kramer, and Detlev Helmig

EGU2013-2647 | presentation
Day and night characterization of smoke aerosols during the BORTAS experiment
Auromeet Saha, Konstantin Baibakov, Yann Blanchard, Liviu Ivanescu, Norman T. O'Neill, David Daou, Thomas J. Duck, and Kevin S. Strawbridge

Aerosol microphysical processes and properties in Canadian boreal forest fire plumes measured during BORTAS
Kimiko Sakamoto, James Allen, Hugh Coe, Jonathan Taylor, Thomas Duck, and Jeffrey Pierce

Climatology and Atmospheric Chemistry of Non-Methane Hydrocarbon Emissions over the North Atlantic
Detlev Helmig, Jacques Hueber, Mauricio Munoz, Claudio Mazzoleni, Lynn Mazzoleni, Robert Owen, Maria Val-Martin, and Paulo Fialho

Source attribution of observed CO variability during BORTAS-B
Douglas Finch and Paul I. Palmer

Quantifying the influence of boreal biomass burning emissions on tropospheric oxidant chemistry over the North Atlantic using BORTAS measurements
Mark Parrington, Paul I. Palmer, Andrew Rickard, Jennifer Young, Ally Lewis, James Lee, Daven Henze, David Tarasick, Edward Hyer, Robert Yantosca, Kevin Bowman, John Worden, Debora Griffin, Jonathan Franklin, and Detlev Helmig

Z221 EGU2013-4395
Net Ozone Production during the Chemical Evolution of Biomass Burning Plumes: Evaluation of a Hierarchy of Chemical Mechanisms (withdrawn)
Andrew Rickard, Jenny Young, Michael Jenkin, Daniel Stone, Mark Parrington, Paul Palmer, James Hopkins, James Lee, Alastair Lewis, Sarah Moller, Shalini Punjabi, Ruth Purvis, Stephen Andrews, Piero Di Carlo, Eleonora Aruffo, Stephan Bauguitte, and Sebastian O'Shea

Using IASI and MIPAS in combination to characterise CO and other volatile organic compound emissions from fires
David Moore, Harjinder Sembhi, John Remedios, and Keith Tereszchuk

Production and Transport of Ozone From Boreal Forest Fires
David Tarasick, Jane Liu, Mohammed Osman, Christopher Sioris, Xiong Liu, Omid Najafabadi, Mark Parrington, Paul Palmer, Kevin Strawbridge, and Thomas Duck

Evaluating the model forecasts of plume evolution in BORTAS
Stephan Matthiesen, Paul I. Palmer, and Mark Parrington