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Climate Services - Underpinning SciencePICO Session
Convener: Alessandro Dell'Aquila 
Co-Conveners: Carlo Buontempo , Paolo Michele Ruti , Melanie Davis 
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 / Wed, 20 Apr, 13:30–17:00  / PICO spot 1
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Wednesday, 20 Apr 2016
PICO spot 1
Chairperson: Carlo Buontempo
13:30–13:40 PICO1.1
The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S): A European Answer to Climate Change |
Jean-Noel Thepaut
13:40–13:42 PICO1.2
Competencies Framework for Climate Services.
Enric Aguilar and the WMO-CCl Expert Team on Education and Training
13:42–13:44 PICO1.3
ECOMS-UDG. A User-friendly Data access Gateway to seasonal forecast datasets allowing R-based remote data access, visualization-validation, bias correction and downscaling
Antonio Santiago Cofiño, José Manuel Gutiérrez, Jesús Fernández, Joaquín Bedia, Manuel Vega, Sixto Herrera, María Dolores Frías, Maialen Iturbide, Maria Eugenia Magariño, and Rodrigo Manzanas
13:44–13:46 PICO1.4
A Climate Information Platform for Copernicus (CLIPC): managing the data flood
Martin Juckes, Rob Swart, Lars Bärring, Annemarie Groot, Peter Thysse, Wim Som de Cerff, Luis Costa, Johannes Lückenkötter, Sarah Callaghan, and Victoria Bennett
13:46–13:48 PICO1.5
Enhancing the usability of seasonal to decadal (S2D) climate information – an evidence-based framework for the identification and assessment of sector-specific vulnerabilities
Daniel Funk
13:48–13:50 PICO1.6
Project Ukko – Design of a climate service visualisation interface for seasonal wind forecasts
Drew Hemment, Moritz Stefaner, Stephann Makri, Carlo Buontempo, Isadora Christel, Veronica Torralba-Fernandez, Nube Gonzalez-Reviriego, Francisco Doblas-Reyes, Paula de Matos, and Jason Dykes
13:50–13:52 PICO1.7
Evaluation of an early warning system for heat wave related mortality in Europe: implications for sub-seasonal-to-seasonal forecasting and climate services
Rachel Lowe, Markel García-Díez, Joan Ballester, James Creswick, Jean-Marie Robine, François R Herrmann, and Xavier Rodó
13:52–13:54 PICO1.8
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Sandro Calmanti, Lorenzo Bosi, and Peter Hoefsloot
13:54–13:56 PICO1.9
Seasonal Water Balance Forecasts for Drought Early Warning in Ethiopia
Christoph Spirig, Jonas Bhend, and Mark Liniger
13:56–13:58 PICO1.10
Development of a wind energy climate service based on seasonal climate prediction
Veronica Torralba, Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes, Nicola Cortesi, Isadora Christel, Nube González-Reviriego, Marco Turco, and Albert Soret
13:58–14:00 PICO1.11
FORWINE – Statistical Downscaling of Seasonal forecasts for wine
Rita M. Cardoso, Pedro M. M. Soares, and Pedro M. A. Miranda
14:00–14:02 PICO1.12
EGU2016-9387 | presentation | presentation
Use of Seasonal Forecasts for Dams Management in Spain
Jose Voces, Eroteida Sanchez, Beatriz Navascues, and Ernesto Rodriguez-Camino
14:02–14:04 PICO1.13
Measuring the benefits of climate forecasts in predicting PV power production
Matteo De Felice, Andrea Alessandri, and Maurizio Pollino
14:04–14:06 PICO1.14
Assessing the role of summer NAO for the seasonal predictability of climate impact indices in Eastern Europe
Joaquin Bedia Jimenez, Carlo Buontempo, Nicola Golding, and Jose Manuel Gutierrez Llorente
14:06–14:08 PICO1.15
Climate Information Systems: Science Underpinning Services (withdrawn)
Annarita Mariotti, Roger Pulwarty, Juli Trtanj, Dan Barrie, Heather Archambault, Claudia Nierenberg, and Wayne Higgins
14:08–14:10 PICO1.16
Developing a robust methodology for assessing the value of weather/climate services
Justin Krijnen, Nicola Golding, and Carlo Buontempo
Interactive Presentations at PICO Screens

Coffee Break
Chairperson: Alessandro Dell'Aquila
15:30–15:32 PICO1.1
Outstanding challenges limiting the development of climate services in Europe
Carlo Buontempo, Marta Bruno Soares, and Felicity Liggins
15:32–15:34 PICO1.2
Climate Users Interface Platform: some preliminary ideas from EUPORIAS experience
Carlo Buontempo and Alessandro Dell'Aquila
15:34–15:36 PICO1.3
EGU2016-638 | presentation | presentation
Impacts of Future Climate Change on Ukraine Transportation System
Inna Khomenko
15:36–15:38 PICO1.4
Supporting UK adaptation: building services for the next set of UK climate projections
Fai Fung and Jason Lowe
15:38–15:40 PICO1.5
EGU2016-15212 | presentation | presentation
Using Copernicus earth observation services to monitor climate change impacts and adaptations
Daniel Becker, Marc Zebisch, Ruth Sonnenschein, Konstanze Schönthaler, and Stefan von Andrian-Werburg
15:40–15:42 PICO1.6
The weather roulette: assessing the economic value of seasonal wind speed predictions
Isadora Christel, Nicola Cortesi, Veronica Torralba-Fernandez, Albert Soret, Nube Gonzalez-Reviriego, and Francisco Doblas-Reyes
15:42–15:44 PICO1.7
Making CORDEX accessible to users : cases studies from the Middle East (withdrawn)
Ghislain Dubois
15:44–15:46 PICO1.8
A simple next-best alternative to seasonal predictions in Europe
Carlo Buontempo and Matteo De Felice
15:46–15:48 PICO1.9
Assessement of user needs for climate change scenarios in Switzerland
Andreas Fischer, Mark Liniger, and Jacqueline Flückiger-Knutti
15:48–15:50 PICO1.10
EGU2016-1634 | presentation | presentation
Integrated web system of geospatial data services for climate research
Igor Okladnikov, Evgeny Gordov, and Alexander Titov
15:50–15:52 PICO1.11
A climatological network for regional climate monitoring in Sardinia.
Alessandro M.S. Delitala
15:52–15:54 PICO1.12
Is “the perfect model” really needed? - Analysis of the quality level of climate information necessary for supporting adaptation in agriculture and forestry
Borbála Gálos, Wolf-Uwe Ostler, Péter Csáki, András Bidló, and Oleg Panferov
15:54–15:56 PICO1.13
Application of geographic information systems in the field of strategic planning in climate politics via the example of drinking water service
Pál Selmeczi, Ágnes Rotárné Szalkai, and Emese Homolya
Interactive Presentations at PICO Screens