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PICO GI3.8/AS5.16/HS6.10/SSS13.14


Thermal LWIR and MWIR, broadband - multi/hyperspectral, proximal and remote sensing: algorithms for environmental studies, retrieval of geophysical variables and monitoring infrastructures (co-organized)PICO session
Convener: Stefano Pignatti 
Co-Conveners: Eyal Ben Dor , M. Schlerf , Angelo Palombo , Maria Fabrizia Buongiorno 
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 / Mon, 09 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / PICO spot 1
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Monday, 09 Apr 2018
PICO spot 1
Chairperson: Maria Fabrizia Buongiorno, Martin Schlerf, Stefano Pignatti,
Introduction - Conveners

10:30–10:32 PICO1.1
A Thermal Imaging Instrument with Uncooled Detectors
Alicia Joseph, Emily Barrentine, and Ari Brown
10:32–10:34 PICO1.2
Land surface temperature measurement with an infrared camera, in-situ emissivity measurement
Jean-Pierre Monchau, Mario Marchetti, Laurent Ibos, Bruno Saintot, Mathieu Kremer, and Nicolas Lalanne
10:34–10:36 PICO1.3
Estimating temperature of surface components by synergistically combining optical and thermal radiative transfer models
Joris Timmermans, Jose Luis Gomez-Dans, Wouter Verhoef, Christiaan van der Tol, Philip Lewis, Nicola Pounder, Jon Styles, and Pierre Philip Matthieu
10:36–10:38 PICO1.4
All-weather land surface temperature estimates from microwave satellite observations, over several decades and real time: methodology and comparison with infrared estimates
Carlos Jimenez, Catherine Prigent, Filipe Aires, and Sofia Ermida
10:38–10:40 PICO1.5
An airborne observatory for land surface temperature and evapotranspiration (solicited) (withdrawn)
Martin Schlerf, Kanishka Mallick, Max Gerhards, Kim Fischer, Martin Chamberland, Franz Ronellenfitsch, and Thomas Udelhoven
10:40–10:42 PICO1.6
A Preliminary Study on Estimating the Impact of Plastic Mulched Landcover on Evapotranspiration Using SEBAL Model
Lizhen Lu, Yanlin Huang, Liping Di, and Yanshen Sun
10:42–10:44 PICO1.7
How to evaluate the surface heat loss and closely follow the evolution of solphataric activity by integrating satellite data and ground measurements to the thermal monitoring of a closed conduit: The case of the active crater at La Fossa (Island of Vulcan (solicited)
Malvina Silvestri, Iole Serena Diliberto, Federico Rabuffi, Maria Fabrizia Buongiorno, Antonio Fabio Pisciotta, and Massimo Musacchio
10:44–10:46 PICO1.8
Terrestrial long-wave infrared hyperspectral imaging for geological mapping: a case study
Moritz Kirsch, Sandra Lorenz, Robert Zimmermann, Robert Möckel, Mahdi Khodadadzadeh, Laura Tusa, Martin Chamberland, and Richard Gloaguen
10:46–10:48 PICO1.9
Modelling soil Organic Carbon and mineral composition using reflectance and emissivity data
Veronika Kopačková, Jan Jelének, Lucie Koucká, Kateřina Fárová, and Miroslav Pikl
10:48–10:50 PICO1.10
Climatology of the surface energy balance over the Metropolitan Area of Rio de Janeiro (MARJ) based on remote sensing data
Vitor Miranda, Leonardo Peres, and Andrews Lucena
10:50–10:52 PICO1.11
Identification of urbanization in Rio de Janeiro based on land-surface temperature using the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex (COMPERJ) as pilot area
Liz Belém, Leonardo Peres, and Andrews Lucena
10:52–11:02 PICO1.12
Airborne hyperspectral thermal data to characterize the thermal behavior of urban materials: preliminary results of the Potenza and Matera (Italy) TASI survey
Stefano Pignatti, Angelo Palombo, Simone Pascucci, Nicola Pergola, Valerio Tramutoli, and Federico Santini
11:02–11:04 PICO1.13
EGU2018-7297 | presentation | presentation
Mutual Information and Entropy based Band Selection for Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images
Subir Paul and Nagesh Kumar Dasika
11:04–11:06 PICO1.14
Mapping Kneiss islands environment using hyperspectral data (withdrawn after no-show)
Rim katlane, Jean Claude Berges, and Fouad Zargouni
11:06–11:08 PICO1.15
Predicting key agronomic soil properties with fluorescence spectroscopy combined with reflectance spectroscopy: a farm-scale study in a Mediterranean viticultural agroecosystem
Emmanuelle Vaudour, Zoran G. Cerovic, Dav M. Ebengo, and Gwendal Latouche
Discussion - All

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