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New approaches to microstructure analysis and interpretation (co-organized)PICO session
Convener: Rüdiger Kilian 
Co-Conveners: Virginia Toy , Luiz F. G. Morales , Florian Fusseis 
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 / Mon, 09 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / PICO spot 5b
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Monday, 09 Apr 2018
PICO spot 5b
Chairperson: Rüdiger Kilian, Virginia Toy
10:30–10:40 PICO5b.1
Studying metamorphic phase transformations and nano-porosity evolution in situ with Synchrotron X-ray scattering: the example of gypsum dehydration
Christoph Schrank, Tomasz Blach, Katherine Gioseffi, Oliver Gaede, Harald Milsch, Stephen Mudie, Adrian Hawley, and Nigel Kirby
10:40–10:42 PICO5b.2
Structure of reaction interfaces and their migration during diffusive phase transformations
Chen Li, Petr Jeřábek, Gerlinde Habler, Thomas Griffiths, Aleksander Rečnik, Clemens Mangler, Timothy Pennycook, Jannik Meyer, and Rainer Abart
10:42–10:44 PICO5b.3
Nanoscale Structural and Chemical Analysis of Garnet-Quartz Grain Boundaries in Contact Metamorphic Rocks
Alexandra Nagurney, Mark Caddick, F. Marc Michel, Christopher Winkler, David Pattison, and Ya-Peng Yu
10:44–10:46 PICO5b.4
The X-Ray Radiography’s numeric density princibles , advantages and its correlations with XRF-XRD-Mass spectrometry and Gamma RAY density method.
Dursun Acar, Namık Çagatay, Can Genc, Kadir Eris, Erol Sarı, Sena Akcer, Demet Biltekin, Gulsen Ucarkus, Nurettin Yakupoglu, and Tugce Nagihan Arslan
10:46–10:48 PICO5b.5
Maximising information on mudrock microstructure through high-resolution scanning electron microscopy (withdrawn)
Shereef Bankole, Buckman Jim, and Dorrik Stow
10:48–10:50 PICO5b.6
Fluid percolation through quartz-rich lithologies: insight from the Coincident Site Lattice (CSL) Theory
Ritabrata Dobe, Pallabi Bhuyan, Sumantra Mandal, and Saibal Gupta
10:50–10:52 PICO5b.7
Dynamic conductivity of mid-crustal shear zones.
Virginia Toy, Nicholas Timms, Marco Billia, Mai-Linh Doan, Martina Kirilova, Emma Kluge, Oliver Plümper, and Katrina Sauer
10:52–10:54 PICO5b.8
The effects of a second phase on rates of grain boundary diffusion creep and grain boundary migration
Joe Gardner, John Wheeler, Robyn Gardner, Sandra Piazolo, and Lynn Evans
10:54–10:56 PICO5b.9
Anisotropic spatial clustering and ordering of olivine and orthopyroxene during rheological weakening conditions
Renée Heilbronner and Miki Tasaka
10:56–10:58 PICO5b.10
Non-steady state microstructures recording transient stresses during repeated earthquake cycles in the lower crust (Musgrave Block, Central Australia)
Friedrich Hawemann, Neil Mancktelow, Girogio Pennacchioni, Sebastian Wex, and Alfredo Camacho
10:58–11:00 PICO5b.11
Direct observation of crystal defects by combined electron backscatter diffraction and electron channeling contrast imaging
Anna Rogowitz and Stefan Zaefferer
11:00–11:02 PICO5b.12
Determining dislocation density and types from EBSD data: the Weighted Burgers Vector
John Wheeler
11:02–11:04 PICO5b.13
Is EBSD a more efficient tool than Universal stage to collect calcite twin data as used in calcite twin inversion for stress ?
Camille Parlangeau, Olivier Lacombe, Ivan Lucas, Eric Kohler, Jean-Marc Daniel, and Sylvie Schueller
11:04–11:06 PICO5b.14
Using quartz textures to characterize exhumation channel shear zones in the Erzgebirge, N-Bohemian Massif
Peter Hallas and Uwe Kroner
11:06–11:08 PICO5b.15
A note of caution on the use of quartz c-axis opening angle as deformation thermometer
Rüdiger Kilian, Luiz Morales, and Michael Stipp
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