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Techniques for quantifying fine sediment dynamics in river catchments (co-organized)
Convener: Hugh Smith  | Co-Conveners: Ellen Petticrew , Gema Guzmán , Will Blake , Jose Andres Lopez-Tarazon , Joan Estrany Bertos 
 / Thu, 12 Apr, 10:30–12:00
 / Attendance Thu, 12 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Attendance Time: Thursday, 12 April 2018, 17:30–19:00
Hall A
Chairperson: Hugh Smith
A.271 EGU2018-814
Evaluation of alluvia generating hillslope processes relevant for fine sediment transfer in the Jiu River Basin, Romania (withdrawn)
Gabriela Adina Morosanu, Marta Jurchescu, Liliana Zaharia, and Gabriela Ioana - Toroimac

Hall A
FingerPro mixing model: An R package for sediment tracing
Ivan Lizaga, Borja Latorre, Leticia Gaspar, and Ana Navas

Hall A
A.274 EGU2018-4302
Modeling flocculation processes of fine grained sediment: solving the population balance equation through a discretization and a moment methods (withdrawn after no-show)
Zhenghui Cui, Hongwei Fang, Lei Huang, and Fabian A. Bombardelli

Hall A
Can we use Pu-(239+240) isotopes as soil redistribution tracers in Austrian agro-environments? An initial investigation in Lower Austria
Lionel Mabit, Raquel Falcao, Arsenio Toloza, Amelia Lee Zhi Yi, and Moncef Benmansour

Hall A
Monitoring and Assessment of Watershed Management Practices on Sedimentation Rate of Inle Lake, Myanmar
Cho Cho Win, Yong Li, and Lee Heng

Hall A
EGU2018-8684 | presentation
Anomalous Diffusions of Suspended Sediment Transport by Two-particle Stochastic Diffusion Particle Tracking Model
Serena Y. Hung, Christina W. Tsai, and Tsung-Han Wu

Hall A
Validation of the use of soil bacterial 16S rDNA markers for sediment fingerprinting in a small endorheic lagoon in southern Spain
Jose Alfonso Gomez, Blanca Landa del Castillo, Gema Guzmán, Ellen L. Petticrew, and Phil N. Owens

Hall A
Discharge-related variation of the chemical composition of suspended sediment of the River Rhine in the Netherlands
Marcel van der Perk, Alvaro Espinoza Vilches, and Hans Middelkoop

Hall A
Monitoring of the vertical distribution of the magnetite tracer in a shallow soil profile
David Zumr, José A. Goméz, and Gema Guzmán

Hall A
Assessing spatial and temporal variability in the carbon-13 signature of very long-chain fatty acid biomarkers to evaluate their potential as a sediment tracer in an agricultural watershed
Dominic Reiffarth, Ellen Petticrew, Philip Owens, and David Lobb

Hall A
Sources and proportions of modern versus aged organic carbon eroded from soils under different land-use within a Nepalese catchment – Insights from bulk and compound-specific 13C & 14C analysis in combination with novel isotope mixing models
Marco Griepentrog, Hari Ram Upadhayay, Samuel Bodé, Negar Haghipour, Pascal Boeckx, and Timothy Eglinton

Hall A
Testing FingerPro mixing model using experimental sediment mixtures
Leticia Gaspar, Ivan Lizaga, Borja Latorre, William H. Blake, and Ana Navas

Hall A
Is it possible to distinguish grain size effects, provenance, weathering intensity, and post-depositional processes in lacustrine sediments? Example from early Miocene Most Basin, Czech Republic
Martin Famera, Tomas Matys Grygar, and Karel Mach

Hall A
Global change effects on hydrology and sediment transport in the Ésera river catchment
Jose Andres Lopez-Tarazon, Gerd Bürger, Till Francke, Axel Bronstert, and Joan Estrany

Hall A
A.286 EGU2018-16030
Pinpointing areas of increased surface erosion following land cover changes using RUSLE modelling and sediment fingerprinting: a case study of the Lake Manyara catchment, Tanzania. (withdrawn)
Maarten Wynants, Henock Solomon, Alex Taylor, Geoff Millward, David Gilvear, Pascal Boeckx, Patrick Ndakidemi, and William Blake

Hall A
A methodological approach to collect representative source sediment fingerprinting samples using an ad hoc rainfall simulator
Julián Garcia-Comendador, Edwin Palacio, Jose Andres Lopez-Tarazón, Nuria Martínez-Carreras, Aleix Calsamiglia, Josep Fortesa, Adolfo Calvo-Cases, Laura Ferrer, and Joan Estrany

Hall A
Rainfall-runoff relationship at different time scales in a mid-mountainous Mediterranean catchment
Josep Fortesa, Julián García-Comendador, Aleix Calsamiglia, José A. López-Tarazón, Jérôme Latron, and Joan Estrany

Hall A
OPTIMISM Project - Erosion and sediment transport processes: analysis and modelling at different scales in the upstream part of Oum Rabiaa catchment - A case study from the Oued Srou Basin (Middle Atlas - Morocco)
Joan Estrany, Hanane Reddad, Nadia Enaji, Hassan Ouakhir, Abdelatif Essanbri, Josep Fortesa, Julian García-Comendador, Aleix Calsamiglia, Mohamed Elghachi, Yahia El Khalkia, Bartomeu Alorda, and Laura Ferrer