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Techniques for quantifying fine sediment dynamics in river catchments (co-organized)
Convener: Hugh Smith  | Co-Conveners: Ellen Petticrew , Gema Guzmán , Will Blake , Jose Andres Lopez-Tarazon , Joan Estrany Bertos 
 / Thu, 12 Apr, 10:30–12:00
 / Attendance Thu, 12 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Attendance Time: Thursday, 12 April 2018, 17:30–19:00
Hall A
Chairperson: Hugh Smith
A.271 EGU2018-814
Evaluation of alluvia generating hillslope processes relevant for fine sediment transfer in the Jiu River Basin, Romania (withdrawn)
Gabriela Adina Morosanu, Marta Jurchescu, Liliana Zaharia, and Gabriela Ioana - Toroimac

FingerPro mixing model: An R package for sediment tracing
Ivan Lizaga, Borja Latorre, Leticia Gaspar, and Ana Navas

A.274 EGU2018-4302
Modeling flocculation processes of fine grained sediment: solving the population balance equation through a discretization and a moment methods (withdrawn after no-show)
Zhenghui Cui, Hongwei Fang, Lei Huang, and Fabian A. Bombardelli

Can we use Pu-(239+240) isotopes as soil redistribution tracers in Austrian agro-environments? An initial investigation in Lower Austria
Lionel Mabit, Raquel Falcao, Arsenio Toloza, Amelia Lee Zhi Yi, and Moncef Benmansour

Monitoring and Assessment of Watershed Management Practices on Sedimentation Rate of Inle Lake, Myanmar
Cho Cho Win, Yong Li, and Lee Heng

EGU2018-8684 | presentation
Anomalous Diffusions of Suspended Sediment Transport by Two-particle Stochastic Diffusion Particle Tracking Model
Serena Y. Hung, Christina W. Tsai, and Tsung-Han Wu

Validation of the use of soil bacterial 16S rDNA markers for sediment fingerprinting in a small endorheic lagoon in southern Spain
Jose Alfonso Gomez, Blanca Landa del Castillo, Gema Guzmán, Ellen L. Petticrew, and Phil N. Owens

Discharge-related variation of the chemical composition of suspended sediment of the River Rhine in the Netherlands
Marcel van der Perk, Alvaro Espinoza Vilches, and Hans Middelkoop

Monitoring of the vertical distribution of the magnetite tracer in a shallow soil profile
David Zumr, José A. Goméz, and Gema Guzmán

Assessing spatial and temporal variability in the carbon-13 signature of very long-chain fatty acid biomarkers to evaluate their potential as a sediment tracer in an agricultural watershed
Dominic Reiffarth, Ellen Petticrew, Philip Owens, and David Lobb

Sources and proportions of modern versus aged organic carbon eroded from soils under different land-use within a Nepalese catchment – Insights from bulk and compound-specific 13C & 14C analysis in combination with novel isotope mixing models
Marco Griepentrog, Hari Ram Upadhayay, Samuel Bodé, Negar Haghipour, Pascal Boeckx, and Timothy Eglinton

Testing FingerPro mixing model using experimental sediment mixtures
Leticia Gaspar, Ivan Lizaga, Borja Latorre, William H. Blake, and Ana Navas

Is it possible to distinguish grain size effects, provenance, weathering intensity, and post-depositional processes in lacustrine sediments? Example from early Miocene Most Basin, Czech Republic
Martin Famera, Tomas Matys Grygar, and Karel Mach

Global change effects on hydrology and sediment transport in the Ésera river catchment
Jose Andres Lopez-Tarazon, Gerd Bürger, Till Francke, Axel Bronstert, and Joan Estrany

A.286 EGU2018-16030
Pinpointing areas of increased surface erosion following land cover changes using RUSLE modelling and sediment fingerprinting: a case study of the Lake Manyara catchment, Tanzania. (withdrawn)
Maarten Wynants, Henock Solomon, Alex Taylor, Geoff Millward, David Gilvear, Pascal Boeckx, Patrick Ndakidemi, and William Blake

A methodological approach to collect representative source sediment fingerprinting samples using an ad hoc rainfall simulator
Julián Garcia-Comendador, Edwin Palacio, Jose Andres Lopez-Tarazón, Nuria Martínez-Carreras, Aleix Calsamiglia, Josep Fortesa, Adolfo Calvo-Cases, Laura Ferrer, and Joan Estrany

Rainfall-runoff relationship at different time scales in a mid-mountainous Mediterranean catchment
Josep Fortesa, Julián García-Comendador, Aleix Calsamiglia, José A. López-Tarazón, Jérôme Latron, and Joan Estrany

OPTIMISM Project - Erosion and sediment transport processes: analysis and modelling at different scales in the upstream part of Oum Rabiaa catchment - A case study from the Oued Srou Basin (Middle Atlas - Morocco)
Joan Estrany, Hanane Reddad, Nadia Enaji, Hassan Ouakhir, Abdelatif Essanbri, Josep Fortesa, Julian García-Comendador, Aleix Calsamiglia, Mohamed Elghachi, Yahia El Khalkia, Bartomeu Alorda, and Laura Ferrer