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Challenges and advances in using High-Performance Computing for Terrestrial Systems Modelling (co-organized)
Convener: Dr. Bibi Naz  | Co-Conveners: Klaus Goergen , Jessica Keune , Wolfgang Kurtz , Wendy Sharples , Mauro Sulis 
 / Attendance Mon, 09 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Attendance Time: Monday, 9 April 2018, 17:30–19:00
Hall A
Chairperson: Bibi S Naz
Model developments

Hall A
EGU2018-9342 | presentation
DORiE – a versatile discontinuous Galerkin Richards solver
Lukas Riedel, Dion Häfner, Ole Klein, and Kurt Roth

Hall A
A.73 EGU2018-11262
Lessons learned developing hyper-resolution hydrologic simulations of the Continental US (solicited) (withdrawn)
Laura Condon, Reed Maxwell, Steve Smith, Carol Woodward, Daniel Osei-Kuffuor, and David Moulton

Hall A
Catchment-scale circulations in TerrSysMP with ICON
Slavko Brdar, Cunbo Han, Wendy Sharples, Stefan Kollet, and Ketan Kulkarni

Hall A
High-Performance Numerical Simulation of Coupled Surface-Subsurface Flow
Dmitry Mazilkin, Dominic Kempf, Peter Bastian, and Olaf Ippisch

Hall A
Challenges in improving the HPC efficiency of the GEOtop 2.1 Integrated Hydrologic Model
Elisa Bortoli, Giacomo Bertoldi, Samuel Senoner, Emanuele Cordano, Matteo Camporese, and Stefano Cozzini

Hall A
Development of the Oceanographic Multipurpose Software Environment
Inti Pelupessy, Ben van Werkhoven, Henk Dijkstra, Arjen van Elteren, and Simon Portegies Zwart

Hall A
Model Applications

Hall A
Parallelization schemes in OpenGeoSys and applications to density driven and reactive flows in geosystems.
Thomas Fischer, Dmitri Naumov, Wenqing Wang, Fabien Magri, Marc Walther, Thomas Kalbacher, and Olaf Kolditz

Hall A
A HPC based hydro-meteorological model chain to assess impacts of climate change on extreme events – advances and challenges
Florian Willkofer, Martin Leduc, Jens Weismüller, Raul Wood, Fabian von Trentini, Josef Schmid, and Ralf Ludwig

Hall A
A.80 EGU2018-11582
A new method to determine effective hydraulic conductivity and mannings n parameters at multiple modeling resolutions in a mountain headwater catchment. (withdrawn)
Lauren Foster and Reed Maxwell

Hall A
Hydrologic SWAT Model Calibration over Cloud by gSWATCloud
Victor Bacu, Teodor Stefanut, Constantin Nandra, and Dorian Gorgan

Hall A
A.82 EGU2018-17273
Improving the simulation of canopy fluxes over crop land in the community land model (withdrawn)
Cho Miltin Mboh, Matthias Langensiepen, and Thuy Huu Nguyen