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Global Carbon Observations and their Use for Research and Decision-Making (co-organized)
Convener: Phil DeCola  | Co-Conveners: Jack Kaye , Jane Burston , Shuangxi Fang , Oksana Tarasova 
 / Tue, 10 Apr, 08:30–10:00
 / Attendance Tue, 10 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Attendance Time: Tuesday, 10 April 2018, 17:30–19:00
Hall X5
Chairperson: Phil DeCola, Oksana Tarasova, and Jack Kaye
Role of Climate Variability and Land Use on Fire Emissions of Carbon gasses in the 21rst Century
John Worden, A. Anthony Bloom, David Schimel, Kevin Bowman, Junjie Liu, and Sassan Saatchi

Hall X5
The ODIAC – Space-based Mapping of Fossil Fuel Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Support of Carbon Cycle Sciences and Climate Mitigation
Tomohiro Oda, Shamil Maksyutov, Lesley Ott, Miguel Roman, Zhousen Wang, Thomas Lauvaux, Sha Feng, Sally Newman, Rostyslav Bun, and Steven Pawson

Hall X5
Using Smart Low-Cost CO2 Sensors in a Supplemental Network to Quantify Urban Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Cory Martin, Ning Zeng, Shaun Howe, Anna Karion, Russell Dickerson, and James Whetstone

Hall X5
Multi-Year Mobile Surface Measurements of CH4 in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region of Alberta
Sabour Baray, Katherine L. Hayden, Andrew Sheppard, and Robert McLaren

Hall X5
X5.169 EGU2018-11487
Quantifying global fossil-fuel CO2 emissions: from OCO-2 to optimal observing designs (withdrawn after no-show)
Xinxin Ye, Thomas Lauvaux, Tomohiro Oda, Sha Feng, Eric A. Kort, Emily Yang, John C. Lin, Dien Wu, Akihiko Kuze, Hiroshi Suto, and Annmarie Eldering

Hall X5
X5.170 EGU2018-11517
The PFT results of the mission instruments of GOSAT-2 (withdrawn after no-show)
Masakatsu Nakajima, Hiroshi Suto, Yukie Yajima, Hiroko Imai, Makiko Hashimoto, Eric Beaubien, and Takayuki Nakano

Hall X5
X5.171 EGU2018-11569
Urban direct CO2 flux measurement and its footprint analysis in Korea (withdrawn)
Junphil Mun and Kyung-Eun Min

Hall X5
X5.172 EGU2018-11686
The global and regional oxidation capacity trends estimation using tropospheric hydroxyl radical burden (withdrawn)
Soojin Lee and Kyung-Eun Min

Hall X5
ICOS and global initiatives working towards policy-relevant, coordinated carbon and greenhouse gas observations
Werner Leo Kutsch, Jouni Heiskanen, Alex Vermeulen, Eija Juurola, Leonard Rivier, Dario Papale, Truls Johannessen, Armin Jordan, and Samuel Hammer

Hall X5
Net Ecosystem Exchange Estimates for Europe Using a Bayesian Atmospheric Inversion
Rona Thompson, Gregoire Broquet, Ute Karstens, and Marko Scholze

Hall X5
Methane emission estimates for Ireland using a Bayesian Atmospheric Inversion
Delia Arnold, Colin O'Dowd, Damien Martin, and Rona Thompson

Hall X5
The MOYA aircraft campaign: first results interpreting West African biomass burning emissions using the UK FAAM aircraft
Grant Allen, Joseph Pitt, James Lee, Jim Hopkins, Stuart Young, Freya Squires, Stéphane Bauguitte, Marina Schimpf, Martin Gallagher, Paul Williams, Rebecca Fisher, Dave Lowry, and Euan Nisbet

Hall X5
Bottom – up methane budget estimation from the sources over Upper Silesian Coal Basin
Mila Stanisavljevic, Jaroslaw Necki, Miroslaw Zimnoch, Lukasz Chmura, Michal Galkowski, Wojciech Wolkowicz, and Patriyk Lakomiec

Hall X5
EGU2018-14964 | presentation
Atmospheric monitoring of methane emissions at the European scale
Barbara Szenasi, Philippe Bousquet, Isabelle Pison, Gregoire Broquet, and Marielle Saunois

Hall X5
The GEO Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Jouni Heiskanen, Antonio Bombelli, André Obregón, and Nobuko Saigusa and the GEO-C Team

Hall X5
Examining treatment of the LULUCF sector in the NDCs
Claire Fyson and Louise Jeffery

Hall X5
The Integrated Global Greenhouse Gas Information Systematic Services (IG3IS) Implementation Plan Highlight
Phil DeCola and the IG3IS Science Team

Hall X5
Assessing the last decade of carbon cycle science and strategy for the next decade
Gyami Shrestha, Nancy Cavallaro, Jim Butler, Zhiliang Zhu, and Laura Lorenzoni and the SOCCR-2 Team

Hall X5
Urban greenhouse gas emissions assessment: observations and modelling in a pilot study for the Oslo area.
Ignacio Pisso, Susana Lopez-Aparicio, Phillip Schneider, Matthias Vogt, Franck Dauge, Norbert Schmidbauer, and Terje Krognes

Hall X5
Long-term Monitoring of Methane Emissions from Natural Gas Production in the Marcellus shale Highlight
Zachary Barkley, Thomas Lauvaux, Natasha Miles, Scott Richardson, Aijun Deng, Douglas Martins, Kenneth Davis, Colm Sweeney, Kathryn McKain, Tom Murphy, Russ Dickerson, Xinrong Ren, Joshua DiGangi, and Alan Fried

Hall X5
X5.185 EGU2018-19664
The GeoCarb Mission (withdrawn)
Sean Crowell, Berrien Moore, Chris O’Dell, Eric Burgh, Denis O’Brien, Peter Rayner, David Crisp, Annmarie Eldering, Susan Kulawik, David Schimel, and Robert Chatfield

Hall X5
NASA's Carbon Cycle OSSE Initiative - Informing future space-based observing strategies through advanced modeling and data assimilation
Lesley Ott, David Schimel, Christopher O'Dell, Berrien Moore III, Sean Crowell, David Baker, Ian Baker, Kevin Bowman, Abhishek Chatterjee, Scott Denning, Kathy Haynes, Stephan Kawa, Charles Miller, Denis O'Brien, Steven Pawson, Benjamin Poulter, Andrew Schuh, and Thomas Taylor

Hall X5
X5.187 EGU2018-19666
Where and how do satellite observations fit in carbon budget calculations across scales In the GEO Carbon and GHG Initiative? (withdrawn)
Stephen Plummer and Pascal Lecomte

Hall X5
13C and 18O isotope effects resulting from high pressure regulation and CO2 cylinder depletion
Tracey Jacksier, Rick Socki, and Anuj Kumar

Hall X5
Analysis of satellite and ground-based measurements of CO2 total content near Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Yury Timofeyev

Hall X5
A direct and simultaneous method for detecting atmospheric Ar, O2, and N2 by a gas chromatograph equipped with a thermal conductivity detector (GC-TCD)
Gen Zhang and Shuangxi Fang