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Calibration/Validation of Earth Satellite Measurements (co-organized)
Convener: Jack Kaye  | Co-Convener: Malcolm Davidson 
 / Wed, 11 Apr, 08:30–12:00
 / Attendance Wed, 11 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Attendance Time: Wednesday, 11 April 2018, 17:30–19:00
Hall X4
Chairperson: Thorsten Fehr, Jack Kaye
X4.314 EGU2018-2197
In-flight calibration for high resolution satellite using Rayleigh scattering (withdrawn)
Xingfeng Chen, Zhengqiang Li, Hua Xu, Li Li, Kaitao Li, Weizhen Hou, and Lili Qie

Comparison of spaceborne retrievals of tropospheric water vapor profiles in the Arctic to ground-based Raman lidar measurements
Julien Totems, Patrick Chazette, and Jean-Christophe Raut

ACTRIS Ground Based Remote Sensing and In Situ Observation Capacity for Satellite Calibration and Validation
Arnoud Apituley, Lucia Mona, Ulla Wandinger, Gelsomina Pappalardo, Vassilis Amiridis, Lucas Alados Arboledas, Ewan O'Connor, Dmitri Moisseev, Cathrine Lund Myhre, Doina Nicolae, Jana Preissler, Herman Russchenberg, Martial Haeffelin, and Actris Remote Sensing

Bias correction of GOSAT SWIR XH2O using TCCON data
Tran Thi Ngoc Trieu, Isamu Morino, Hirofumi Ohyama, and Osamu Uchino

X4.318 EGU2018-11195
ARCSTONE: toward a new, high-accuracy lunar calibration capability (withdrawn)
Thomas Stone, Constantine Lukashin, Trevor Jackson, Rand Swanson, Mike Kehoe, and Greg Kopp

Correction of Inter-Calibration Errors due to Angle Mismatch for CLARREO
Wan Wu

X4.321 EGU2018-3751
Prelaunch characterization of spectral response function for better calibration and validation of Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer (GEMS) (withdrawn after no-show)
Mina Kang and Myoung-Hwan Ahn

X4.322 EGU2018-11294
A combined cloud detection rectify algorithm using synthetic observations by MODIS and CALIPSO over eastern China (withdrawn)
Xiao Zhang, Saichun Tan, and Guangyu Shi

X4.323 EGU2018-16506
Recalibrating hyperspectral satellite data from the early 1970s (withdrawn)
Thomas Hall, Chris Merchant, and Helen Brindley

OSIRIS (Observing System Including PolaRisation in the Solar Infrared Spectrum) instrument : a multi-directional, polarized radiometer in the visible and shortwave infrared, airborne prototype of 3MI / EPS-SG Eumetsat – ESA mission
Jean-Marc Nicolas, Frédérique Auriol, Frédéric Parol, Jérôme Riedi, Mohamed Djellali, Maxime Catalfamo, Cyril Delegove, Fabien Waquet, and Rodrigue Loisil

X4.326 EGU2018-12894
MEaSUREs Land Surface Temperature from GOES Satellites (withdrawn)
Rachel T. Pinker, Wen Chen, Yingtao Ma, Tanvirr Islam, Eva Borbas, Chris Hain, Glynn Hulley, Kerry-Anne Cawse-Nicholson, Simon Hook, and Jeff Basara

The Optimization of the Global Observing Systems: A Dream or Reality?
Jie Feng, Zoltan Toth, and Malaquias Pena

X4.329 EGU2018-18012
Partnerships, Constellations and Technology Advances: Key Elements to the Science and Benefits of Earth Observations in 2040 (withdrawn) Highlight
Duane Graf, Diane Evans, James Graf, Randall Friedl, Frank Webb, Jason Hyon, Riley Duren, and Steve Bard

X4.330 EGU2018-18629
Cost-Effective Submm-Wave Remote Sensing for Future Global Cloud Observations (withdrawn after no-show)
Dong L. Wu

Spacecraft charging model for the calibration of the low frequency electric field measurements on TARANIS
Oriol Jorba