Monitoring, in the form of time series data, or of repeated observation and sampling, acquired at fixed point observatories or using mobile platforms and research vessels, is essential to understand oceanic processes from the surface to the oceanic sub-bottom. In this session, we welcome presentations that demonstrate the use of such monitoring results to address physical, chemical, biological and geological processes in the water column and at the seafloor. Multidiciplinarity, the use of several sets of complementary data, and an emphasis on the interactions between the hydrosphere, biosphere and geosphere are particularly welcome. We also welcome presentations on new ocean monitoring experiments, and on innovative technologies for marine observatories. This session is sponsored by the EMSO-ERIC.

Co-sponsored by EMSO
Convener: Mathilde Cannat | Co-conveners: Juanjo Danobeitia, Truls Johannessen, Richard Lampitt, Jaume Piera
| Fri, 12 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Room 1.85
| Attendance Fri, 12 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Hall X4

Friday, 12 April 2019 | Room 1.85

Chairperson: Mathilde Cannat
10:45–11:00 |
| Highlight
Martina Loebl, Antje Boetius, Torsten Kanzow, Thomas Soltwedel, Wilken-Jon von Appen, Melanie Bergmann, Astrid Bracher, Morten Iversen, Felix Janssen, Boris Koch, Normen Lochthofen, Katja Metfies, Barbara Niehoff, Eva-Maria Nöthig, Autun Purser, Benjamin Rabe, Ingo Schewe, Sinhué Torres-Valdes, Frank Wenzhoefer, and Thorben Wulff
11:00–11:15 |
Nadia Lo Bue, Vincenzo Artale, Giuditta Marinaro, Davide Embriaco, and Laura Beranzoli
11:15–11:30 |
Laurent Coppola, Liliane Merlivat, Jacqueline Boutin, Dominique Lefevre, Roberto Bozzano, Sara Pensieri, Pierre Testor, Vincenzo Vellucci, Melek Golbol, Emilie Diamond-Riquier, and Carl Gojak
11:30–11:45 |
S. Kim Juniper, Benoît Pirenne, Adrian Round, and Scott McLean
11:45–12:00 |
Marion Giusti, Julie Perrot, Marcia Maia, Alexey Sukhovich, Robert Dziak, Joaquim Luis, Mathilde Cannat, and Jean-Yves Royer
12:00–12:15 |
| presentation
Gian Paolo Donnarumma, Sergio Guardato, Prospero De Martino, Giuseppe Pucciarelli, Giovanni Macedonio, Francesco Chierici, Laura Beranzoli, and Giovanni Iannaccone
12:15–12:30 |
Raul Bardaji, Jaume Piera, Robert Huber, Ivan Rodero, Juanjo Dañobeitia, and Paolo Favali