Advanced remote sensing capabilities provide unprecedented opportunities for monitoring, studying, and forecasting the ocean environment. An integrated approach for synthesizing remote sensing data with in situ measurements and ocean models is highly desirable, both for physical and biological oceanography, polar oceanography and for marine gravity and geodesy on the regional, basin and global scales. This session provides a forum for interdisciplinary discussions of the latest advances in all aspects of oceanographic applications of remote sensing.

We welcome contributions on all aspects of the remote sensing of the ocean. Topics for this session include but are not limited to: physical oceanographic variability and interactions with the atmosphere, ocean currents, winds and surface waves, biological variability and the carbon cycle; sub-mesoscale processes, marine gravity and space geodesy, advances in the measurement and interpretation of the ocean surface salinity, and new instrument and techniques development in ocean remote sensing. Applications of multi-sensor observations to study ocean and climate processes and applications using international (virtual) constellations of satellites are also welcome.

Convener: Aida Alvera-Azcárate | Co-conveners: Craig Donlon, Christine Gommenginger, Guoqi Han, Tong Lee
| Wed, 10 Apr, 14:00–18:00
Room L4/5
| Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X4

Wednesday, 10 April 2019 | Room L4/5

Chairperson: Tony Lee, Aida Alvera-Azcárate
14:00–14:15 |
Oleg Melnichenko, Peter Hacker, and Vasco Müller
14:15–14:30 |
Odilon Joël Houndegnonto, Nicolas Kolodziejczyk, Christophe Maes, Bernard Bourlès, Casimir Da-allada, and Nicolas Reul
14:30–14:45 |
Estrella Olmedo, Maria Belmonte, Carolina Gabarró, Justino Martínez, Verónica González-Gambau, Antonio Turiel, Marcos Portabella, Giuseppe Aulicino, Yuri Cotroneo, Alexander Haumann, Alberto Naveira-Gabarato, Rafael Catany, and Manuel Arias
14:45–15:00 |
Jacqueline Boutin, Nicolas Reul, Rafael Catany, and Cci+sss Consortium
15:00–15:15 |
Mark Bourassa and Ad Stoffelen
15:30–15:45 |
Paul Chang, Zorana Jelenak, Faozi Said, Jeonghwan Park, and Seubson Soisuvarn
Coffee break
Chairperson: Guoqi Han, Aida Alvera-Azcárate
16:30–16:45 |
clement ubelmann, gerald dibarboure, lucile gaultier, and fabrice ardhuin
16:45–17:00 |
Babette Christelle Tchonang, Pierre-Yves Le Traon, Mounir Benkiran, and Giovanni Ruggiero
17:00–17:15 |
Rory Scarrott, Fiona Cawkwell, Mark Jessopp, Caroline Cusack, and Kees de Bie
17:15–17:30 |
Christian Buckingham, Zammath Khaleel, Ayah Lazar, Adrian Martin, John Allen, Alberto Naveira Garabato, Andrew Thompson, and Clément Vic
17:30–17:45 |
Chiara Lapucci, Stefano Taddei, Bartolomeo Doronzo, Maria Fattorini, Samantha Melani, Alberto Ortolani, Bernardo Gozzini, Fabio Maselli, and Carlo Brandini
17:45–18:00 |
What is the Accuracy of In-Situ Sea Surface Temperature Measurements from Global Drifter Program Drifters?
Luca Centurioni, Lancelot Braasch, and Verena Hormann