Seismic techniques are becoming widely used to detect and quantitatively characterise a wide variety of natural processes occurring at the Earth’s surface. These processes include mass movements such as landslides, rock falls, debris flows and lahars; glacial phenomena such as icequakes, glacier calving/serac falls, glacier melt and supra- to sub-glacial hydrology; snow avalanches; water storage and water dynamics phenomena such as water table changes, river flow turbulence and fluvial sediment transport. Where other methods often provide limited spatial and temporal coverage, seismic observations allow recovering sequences of events with high temporal resolution and over large areas. These observational capabilities allow establishing connections with meteorological drivers, and give unprecedented insights on the underlying physics of the various Earth’s surface processes as well as on their interactions (chains of events). These capabilities are also of first interest for real time hazards monitoring and early warning purposes. In particular, seismic monitoring techniques can provide relevant information on the dynamics of flows and unstable slopes, and thus allow for the identification of precursory patterns of hazardous events and timely warning.

This session aims at bringing together scientists who use seismic methods to study Earth surface dynamics. We invite contributions from the field of geomorphology, cryospheric sciences, seismology, natural hazards, volcanology, soil system sciences and hydrology. Theoretical, field based and experimental approaches are highly welcome.

Co-organized as CR2.9/GI4.12/GMPV7.1/HS11.55/NH4.6/SM1.4/SSS12.13
Convener: Florent Gimbert | Co-conveners: Wei-An Chao, Velio Coviello (deceased), Andrea Manconi, Anne Schöpa
| Mon, 08 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Room G2
| Attendance Mon, 08 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X2

Monday, 8 April 2019 | Room G2

14:00–14:15 |
| solicited
Evgeny A. Podolskiy, Koji Fujita, Sojiro Sunako, Yota Sato, Akane Tsushima, and Rijan Kayastha
14:15–14:30 |
Eva P. S. Eibl, Christopher J. Bean, Kristin S. Vogfjörd, Bergur Einarsson, Tómas Jóhannesson, and Finnur Pálsson
14:30–14:45 |
Ugo Nanni, Florent Gimbert, Christian Vincent, Fabian Walter, Luc Piard, Luc Moreau, and Dominik Graeff
14:45–15:00 |
Anne-Sophie Mreyen, Léna Cauchie, Mihai Micu, Philippe Cerfontaine, and Hans-Balder Havenith
15:00–15:15 |
Mauro Häusler, Clotaire Michel, Jan Burjánek, and Donat Fäh
15:15–15:30 |
Julian Kuehnert, Anne Mangeney, Yann Capdeville, Virginie Durand, Shipra Sethi, and Eleonore Stutzmann
15:30–15:45 |
Marine Denolle, Tim Clements, and Phil Cummins