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Geoscience witnessed a flurry of major breakthroughs in the 19th and 20th century, leading to major shifts in our understanding of the Earth system. Such breakthroughs included new concepts, such as plate tectonics and sequence stratigraphy, and new techniques, like radiometric dating and remote sensing. However, the pace of these discoveries has declined, raising the question of whether we have now made all of the key geoscience breakthroughs. Put another way, have we reached “Peak Geoscience” and are we now in a time of synthesis, incremental development and consolidation? Or are there new breakthroughs on the horizon? If so what will these developments be?

One key remaining challenge is the management of the inherent uncertainties in geoscience. Despite the importance of understanding uncertainty, it is often neglected by interpreters, geomodellers and experimentalists. With ever-more powerful computers and the advent of big data analytics and machine learning, our ability to quantify uncertainty in geological interpretation, models and experiments will be crucial.

This session aims to bring together those with an interest in the future of geoscience. We welcome contributions from any field of geoscience which either demonstrate a new, disruptive geoscience breakthrough or provide insights into where the next breakthrough will come. We encourage contributions associated with uncertainty in geoscience models and data, machine learning or big data analytics.

Co-organized as GD1.5/EOS3.4/GI1.7/GM1.8/GMPV1.9/SSP1.10/TS12.3
Convener: Andrew Davies | Co-conveners: Juan Alcalde, Helen Cromie, Lucia Perez-Diaz
| Mon, 08 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Room N1
| Attendance Mon, 08 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X2

Monday, 8 April 2019 | Room N1

Chairperson: Andrew Davies, Helen Cromie, Juan Alcalde
16:15–16:30 |
| Highlight
Mathieu Lapotre
16:30–16:45 |
| Highlight
Alan Haywood, Stephen Hunter, Aisling Dolan, Julia Tindall, and Daniel Hill
17:00–17:15 |
Sangga Rima Roman Selia, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, K. Gerald van den Boogaart, and Helmut Schaeben
17:15–17:30 |
Elisa Heim, Simon Virgo, Miguel de la Varga, and Florian Wellmann
17:45–18:00 |
| Highlight
Richard Jones and Susie Daniels