From modest beginnings some 50 years ago, the field of speleothem palaeo-climatology has seen improved analytical capacity produce ever more detailed, well-dated, and highly resolved records of climate proxies such as stable isotope ratios and trace element compositions. The last two decades have seen a great expansion of cave monitoring campaigns designed to improve understanding of the causal links between these proxies and the surface environment. Cave monitoring over a few years provides a wealth of detailed information about the links between local meteorology, soil processes, karst hydrochemistry, ventilation and carbonate precipitation but the crucial challenge lies in using this information to interpret proxy records on much longer timescales, from centennial to glacial-interglacial.

We invite contributions to discuss new developments in measurement and interpretation of speleothem proxies and how proxy-related environmental monitoring can be applied as an interpretive tool in palaeoclimate reconstruction.

Convener: Dave Mattey | Co-conveners: Michael Deininger, Jens Fohlmeister, Gina E. Moseley
| Thu, 11 Apr, 08:30–12:30
Room -2.47
| Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X5

Thursday, 11 April 2019 | Room -2.47

Chairperson: Dave Mattey, Gina Moseley
08:30–08:45 |
Stanislav Frančišković-Bilinski, Dalibor Paar, Nenad Buzjak, and Ana Kamenski
08:45–09:00 |
Andrea Borsato, Silvia Frisia, John Hellstrom, Pauline Treble, Kathleen Johnson, Daryl Howard, and Alan Greig
09:00–09:15 |
Dana F. C. Riechelmann, Klaus Peter Jochum, Bernd R. Schöne, Sylvia Riechelmann, Detlev K. Richter, and Denis Scholz
09:15–09:30 |
Mohammadali Faraji, Andrea Borsato, Silvia Frisia, John Hellstrom, Russell Drysdale, Alan Greig, Adam Hartland, Dave Mattey, and Jian-xin Zhao
09:30–09:45 |
Sophie Warken, Dana Riechelmann, Jens Fohlmeister, Andrea Schröder-Ritzrau, Christoph Spötl, Norbert Frank, Axel Gerdes, Jan Esper, Silviu Constantin, Jennifer Arps, Mihai Terente, Augusto Mangini, and Denis Scholz
09:45–10:00 |
Katie Coleborn, Andy Baker, Pauline C. Treble, and Peter M. Wynn
10:00–10:15 |
László Palcsu, Marianna Túri, István Futó, János Kovács, Péter Szabó, Judit Orsovszki, Marjan Temovski, and László Rinyu
Coffee break
Chairperson: Michael Deininger, Jens Fohlmeister
11:00–11:15 |
Kristina Krklec, David Domínguez-Villar, and Sonja Lojen
11:15–11:30 |
Philipp Holz, Arno Hartmann, Elisabeth Eiche, Thomas Neumann, Tobias Kluge, Norbert Frank, and Axel Schmitt
11:30–11:45 |
David Domínguez-Villar, Kristina Krklec, Ian Boomer, and Ian J. Fairchild
12:00–12:15 |
Meighan Boyd, Dirk Hoffmann, Tim Atkinson, Wolfgang Muller, and David Mattey
12:15–12:30 |
Tim Atkinson, Meighan Boyd, Dave Mattey, Dirk Hoffmann, Wolfgang Muller, and Natalie Grassineau