The session aims to collect original or review contributions on the use of data from Low-Earth-Orbiting (LEO) satellites making measurements in the thermosphere-ionosphere to investigate ionospheric anomalies related to space weather, geophysical and artificial sources. In fact, data from LEO satellites can provide a global view of near-Earth space variability and are complementary to ground-based observations, which have limited global coverage. The AMPERE project and integration of the Swarm data into ESA’s Space Weather program are current examples of this. The availability of thermosphere and ionosphere data from the DEMETER satellite and the new operative CSES mission demonstrates that also satellites that have not been specifically designed for space weather studies can provide important contributions to this field. On the other hand, there are evidences that earthquakes can generate electromagnetic anomalies into the near Earth space. A multi-instrumental approach, by using ground observations (magnetometers, magnetotelluric stations, GNSS receivers, etc.) and LEO satellites (DEMETER, Swarm, CSES, etc.) measurements can help in clarifying the missing scientific knowledge of the lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling (LAIC) mechanisms before, during and after large earthquakes. We also solicit contributions on studies about other phenomena, such as tropospheric and anthropogenic electromagnetic emissions, that influence the near-Earth electromagnetic and plasma environment on all relevant topics including data processing, data-assimilation in models, space weather case studies, superimposed epoch analyses, etc.

Co-organized as AS4.57/EMRP2.10/ESSI1.9/GI3.14/NP9.3/SM5.4/ST4.10
Convener: Mirko Piersanti | Co-conveners: Livio Conti, Rune Floberghagen, Xuhui Shen, Michel Parrot
| Tue, 09 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Room M2
| Attendance Tue, 09 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Hall X3

Tuesday, 9 April 2019 | Room M2

Chairperson: Piersanti Mirko
16:15–16:30 |
| solicited
David Knudsen and Claudia Stolle
16:30–16:45 |
Georgios Balasis, Constantinos Papadimitriou, Adamantia Zoe Boutsi, Ioannis A. Daglis, Omiros Giannakis, Gauthier Hulot, Pierdavide Coisson, Ian R. Mann, and Ivan Pakhotin
16:45–17:00 |
| presentation
Matteo Martucci and Mirko Piersanti
17:00–17:15 |
Wei Chu, Xuhui Shen, Xinqiao Li, Yanbing Xu, Zhenghua An, and Xiaohua Liang
17:15–17:30 |
Claudio Fornaro, Livio Conti, Alexandra Parmentier, and Xiuying Wang and the CSES-Limadou Collaboration
17:45–18:00 |
Pierdavide Coïsson, Gauthier Hulot, Pierre Vigneron, Pierre Deram, Jean-Michel Léger, and Thomas Jager