Processes responsible for formation and development of the early Earth (> 2500Ma) are not
well understood and strongly debated, reflecting in part the poorly preserved, altered, and
incomplete nature of the geological record from this time.
In this session we encourage the presentation of new approaches and models for the development of Earth's early crust and mantle and their methods of interaction. We encourage contributions from the study of the preserved rock archive as well as geodynamic models of crustal and mantle dynamics so as to better understand the genesis and evolution of continental crust and the stabilization of cratons.
We invite abstracts from a large range of disciplines including geodynamics, geology, geochemistry, and petrology but also studies of early atmosphere, biosphere and early life relevant to this period of Earth history.

Co-organized as AS4.61/BG5.4/CL1.01/GMPV1.6/TS1.6
Convener: Ria Fischer | Co-conveners: Peter A. Cawood, Nicholas Gardiner, Antoine Rozel, Jeroen van Hunen
| Tue, 09 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Room -2.91
| Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X2

Tuesday, 9 April 2019 | Room -2.91

Chairperson: Ria Fischer, Nicholas Gardiner
08:30–08:45 |
| solicited
Camille François, Vinciane Debaille, Jean-Louis Paquette, Daniel Baudet, and Emmanuelle J. Javaux
08:45–09:00 |
Marzieh Baes, Stephan Sobolev, Taras Gerya, and Sascha Brune
09:00–09:15 |
Neoarchean tectonics: insight from the deformation of the Archean basement of North China Craton
Yongjiang Liu, Jing Li, Weimin Li, Sanzhong Li, and Limin Dai
09:45–10:00 |
Stefan Lalonde, Pierre Sansjofre, Martin Homann, and Philip Fralick and the EARTHBLOOM team
10:00–10:15 |
Desiree Roerdink, Cédric Hamelin, Yuval Ronen, Helen King, and Paul Mason