Natural hazards and climate change impacts in coastal areas
Coastal areas are vulnerable to ocean, atmospheric and land-based hazards. This vulnerability is likely to be exacerbated in future with, for example, sea level rise, increasing intensity of tropical cyclones, increased subsidence due to groundwater extraction. Drawing firm conclusions about current and future changes in this environment is challenging because uncertainties are often large. This calls for a better understanding of the underlying physical processes and systems. Furthermore, while global scale climate and detailed hydrodynamic modelling are reaching a mature development stage the robust assessment of impacts at regional and local scales remains in its infancy. Numerical models therefore play a crucial role in characterizing coastal hazards and assigning risks to them.

This session invites submissions focusing on assessments and case studies at global and regional scales of potential physical impacts of tsunamis, storm surge, sea level rise, waves, and currents on coasts. We also welcome submissions on near-shore ocean dynamics and also on the socio-economic impact of these hazards along the coast.

Co-organized as AS4.63/CL3.10/GM11.10/OS2.12
Convener: Renske de Winter | Co-conveners: Joern Behrens, Luke Jackson, Goneri Le Cozannet, Rosh Ranasinghe
| Fri, 12 Apr, 08:30–12:30, 14:00–15:45
Room 1.61
| Attendance Fri, 12 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X3

Friday, 12 April 2019 | Room 1.61

Chairperson: Luke Jackson
Part 1: (extreme) water levels, tides and surges
08:30–08:45 |
Sergey Vinogradov, Edward Myers, Yuji Funakoshi, Saeed Moghimi, and Jaime Calzada
08:45–09:00 |
Michela De Dominicis, Judith Wolf, and Svetlana Jevrejeva
09:00–09:15 |
Numerical study of coastal flooding on combined impacts from tide, river and storm surges in the coastal areas of Shanghai, China
Min Zhang
09:15–09:30 |
David Byrne, Kevin Horsburgh, and Jane Williams
09:30–09:45 |
Thomas Prime, Jeff Polton, and Simon Holgate
09:45–10:00 |
Martin Drews, Thordis Linda Thorarinsdottir, Peter Guttorp, Kirsten Halsnæs, Morten Andreas Dahl Larsen, and Peter Thejll
10:00–10:15 |
Sanne Muis, Maialen Irazoqui Apecechea, Marjolijn Haasnoot, Martin Verlaan, and Renkse de Winter
Coffee break
Chairperson: Renske de Winter
Part 2: waves and sea level rise plus effects on morphology and salinity
10:45–11:00 |
Viet Dung Nguyen, Van Khanh Triet Nguyen, Quang Trung Vu, Hong Quan Nguyen, and Heiko Apel
11:00–11:15 |
Jasper Leuven, Harm Jan Pierik, Maarten van der Vegt, Tjeerd Bouma, and Maarten Kleinhans
11:15–11:30 |
James Pollard, Susan Brooks, Tom Spencer, Elizabeth Christie, and Iris Moeller
11:30–11:45 |
Angelique Melet, Rafael Almar, Mark Hemer, Goneri Le Cozannet, and Benoit Meyssignac
11:45–12:00 |
Erwin Lambert, Jeremy Rohmer, Goneri Le Cozannet, and Roderik van de Wal
12:00–12:15 |
Leigh R. MacPherson, Arne Arns, Sönke Dangendorf, Athanasios T. Vafeidis, and Jürgen Jensen
12:15–12:30 |
Tomas Fernandez-Montblanc, Paolo Ciavola, and Michalis Vousdoukas
Lunch break
Chairperson: Jörn Behrens
Part 3: Coastal hazards and risk under climate change
14:00–14:15 |
| Highlight
Svetlana Jevrejeva, Judith Wolf, David Byrne, Lucy Bricheno, Michela de Dominicis, Jenny Brown, Benjamin Phillips, Joanne Williams, and Stefanie Rynders
14:15–14:30 |
Panagiotis Athanasiou, Ap van Dongeren, Alessio Giardino, Michalis I. Vousdoukas, Roshanka Ranasinghe, and Jaap Kwadijk
14:45–15:00 |
Alexandra Toimil, Inigo Losada, Paula Camus, Pedro Diaz-Simal, and Melisa Menendez
15:00–15:15 |
High-resolution multi hazard scenarios along costal zones of the Mediterranean: results from the SAVEMEDCOASTS Project
15:15–15:30 |
Sang Jin Park and Dong Kun Lee
15:30–15:45 |
Federica Remondi and Konrad Schoeck