Interaction between the different phases (exsolved and dissolved volatiles, liquid melt, crystals and pyroclasts) that separate during magma evolution, ascent and storage as a result of interlinked fluid, thermodynamic and chemical processes have a dramatic influence on eruption dynamics, resulting in a plethora of explosive eruptions types.
On one side, constraining volatile budget in magmas and quantifying degassing processes is a fundamental task to better understand the role of volatile elements on eruption dynamics. On the other side, the complex shallow plumbing system dynamics produces seismic and acoustic events, ground deformation and changes in the hydrothermal system often preceding or follow the explosive activity and direct field observations can constrain individual eruptive processes.
For this reason, the session aims at gathering field observation and experimental and modeling studies on eruptive processes to unlock the complex dynamics of volcanic activity. We hereby invite contributions focusing on (but not restricted to) volatiles in magmas, crystallization dynamics, effusive/explosive transition, rheology of gas-liquid-solid mixtures, fragmentation processes.
Further we like to stimulate discussion on how multidisciplinary approaches can be used to advance the interpretation of geochemical and petrological observations on magmatic products and more specifically on the quantification of disequilibria processes during volcanic eruptions.

Co-sponsored by IAVCEI-CEV
Convener: Mattia de’ Michieli Vitturi | Co-conveners: Mike Burton, Andrea Di Muro, Giuseppe La Spina, Emily Bamber
| Mon, 08 Apr, 08:30–12:30
Room D2
| Attendance Mon, 08 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X2

Monday, 8 April 2019 | Room D2

Chairperson: Mattia de' Michieli Vitturi, Andrea Di Muro, Emily Bamber
08:30–08:45 |
Valeria Cigala, Thomas J. Jones, Ed Llewellin, Antonio Spanu, and Ulrich Kueppers
08:45–09:00 |
Francisco Cáceres, Bettina Scheu, Fabian Wadsworth, Mathieu Colombier, Kai-Uwe Hess, Claudio Madonna, Corrado Cimarelli, Melanie Kaliwoda, Bernhard Ruthensteiner, and Donald B. Dingwell
09:00–09:15 |
Kathleen McKee, David Fee, Gregory Waite, Diana Roman, Maurizio Ripepe, Alessandro Aiuppa, Simon Carn, Hélène Le Mével, Dario Delle Donne, Marcello Bitetto, Giorgio Lacanna, Christine Sealing, Valeria Cigala, and Giancarlo Tamburello
09:15–09:30 |
Mike Cassidy, Susanna Ebmeier, Christoph Helo, Sebastian Watt, Corentin Caudron, Jonathan Castro, and Cvghm Pvmbg
09:30–09:45 |
Takehiro Koyaguchi and Tomofumi Kozono
09:45–10:00 |
Simone Colucci and Paolo Papale
10:00–10:15 |
Michael Manga, Kristen Fauria, Samual Mitchell, Wim Degruyter, and Rebecca Carey
Coffee break
Chairperson: Mike Burton, Giuseppe La Spina
10:45–11:00 |
Adel Emadzadeh, Steve Pansino, Fabio Manta, and Benoit Taisne
11:00–11:15 |
| Highlight
Corrado Cimarelli and Damien Gaudin
11:15–11:30 |
Sönke Stern, Corrado Cimarelli, Damien Gaudin, Caron Vossen, Bettina Scheu, and Donald B. Dingwell
11:30–11:45 |
Jacopo Taddeucci, Juan José Peña Fernández, Daniele Andronico, Elisabetta Del Bello, Jeffrey B Johnson, Ulrich Küppers, Tullio Ricci, Piergiorgio Scarlato, Jörn Sesterhenn, and Laura Spina
11:45–12:00 |
Roberto Moretti, Roberto Schiavone, Claudia Troise, and Giuseppe De Natale
12:15–12:30 |
Antonio Costa, Arnau Folch, and Giovanni Macedonio