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Radioactive decay systems have been used to date rocks and minerals for over 100 years, but advances in the last 15-20 years have provided unprecedented improvements in our ability to constrain the rates and timescales of processes such as deformation, metamorphism and magmatism. The ultimate aim is to be able to answer questions such as "for how long was this shear zone active?", "what was the rate of deformation?", "how quickly did this metamorphic terrane heat up or cool down?", "was heating/cooling continuous or pulsed?", or "how long did it take this pluton to form?". This session aims to showcase the latest developments in chemical and textural techniques that allow ‘date’ to be linked to ‘process’ across all aspects of the evolution of the Earth’s lithosphere.

Co-organized as GMPV7.21
Convener: Clare Warren | Co-conveners: Tanya Ewing, Johannes Glodny
| Thu, 11 Apr, 10:45–12:30
PICO spot 1

Thursday, 11 April 2019

PICO spot 1
Chairperson: Tanya Ewing
10:45–10:55 |
PICO1.1 |
Dawn A. Kellett
Chairperson: Tanya Ewing
10:55–10:57 |
PICO1.2 |
Reinhard Wolff, Ralf Hetzel, István Dunkl, Qiang Xu, Michael Bröcker, and Aneta A. Anczkiewicz
Chairperson: Tanya Ewing
10:57–10:59 |
PICO1.3 |
Bjarne Almqvist, Roelant van der Lelij, Susanne Grigull, Karin Högdahl, Stefan Luth, Jasmin Schönenberger, and Giulio Viola
Chairperson: Tanya Ewing
10:59–11:01 |
PICO1.4 |
Catherine Mottram, Isabelle Coutand, Djordje Grujic, and Dawn Kellett
Chairperson: Tanya Ewing
11:01–11:03 |
PICO1.5 |
| solicited
Emilie Janots, Alexis Grand’Homme, Matthias Bernet, Damien Guillaume, Edwin Gnos, Valérie Bosse, Marie-Christine Boiron, Anne-Magali Seydoux-Guillaume, and Magali Rossi
Chairperson: Tanya Ewing
11:03–11:05 |
PICO1.6 |
Zoe Braden, Laurent Godin, Dawn Kellett, Chris Yakymchuck, and John Cottle
Chairperson: Tanya Ewing
11:05–11:07 |
PICO1.7 |
Alexane Legeay, Stéphane Scaillet, Jacques Précigout, Romain Augier, Holger Stünitz, and Florian Duval
Chairperson: Tanya Ewing
11:07–11:09 |
PICO1.8 |
| presentation
Joana Ferreira, Telmo Bento dos Santos, Inês Pereira, and João Mata
Chairperson: Tanya Ewing
11:09–11:11 |
PICO1.9 |
| solicited
Stephanie Walker, Anna Bird, Rob Strachan, Matthew Thirlwall, and Ethan Baxter
Chairperson: Tanya Ewing
11:11–11:13 |
PICO1.10 |
Anne-Sophie Tabaud, Carmen Aguilar, Pavla Štípská, Karel Schulmann, Jean Wong, Min Sun, Jitka Míková, and Stanislaw Mazur
Chairperson: Tanya Ewing
11:13–11:15 |
PICO1.11 |
Stephen Collett, Karel Schulmann, Pavla Štípská, and Jitka Míková
Chairperson: Tanya Ewing
11:15–11:17 |
PICO1.12 |
Piérig Deiller, Pavla Štípská, Marc Ulrich, Karel Schulmann, Eric Pelt, Stephen Collett, Jitka Míková, Bradley Hacker, Andrew Kylander-Clark, Yingde Jiang, Vít Peřestý, and Ondrej Lexa
Chairperson: Tanya Ewing
11:17–11:19 |
PICO1.13 |
Ekaterina Kulakova, Vladimir Kamzolkin, Anton Latyshev, Yuri Vidyapin, Mark Somin, and Stanislav Ivanov
Chairperson: Tanya Ewing
11:19–11:21 |
PICO1.14 |
Eleni Wood, Clare J. Warren, Tom W. Argles, Nick M.W. Roberts, Ian Millar, Samantha J. Hammond, and Alison M. Halton